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Interview! Sexologist Megan Stubbs on Amazing Sex & Sex Education

We've been seeing the great work Megan Stubbs has been doing to help couples improve their sex lives. Well, we caught up with Megan and, of course, had tons of questions. How does one move closer towards the path of becoming a sex educator? Check out our interview below. Megan definitely had tons of great insights to provide to GetLusty couples. Learn more about Megan below our interview.

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What do you find is most challenging for the couples in having amazing sex?

I think couples today really struggle with two main issues: communication and a lack of time. We live in a busy time where we are connected by our phones, computers, Facebook, and social lives. When it comes to our partners, we often take our time with them as a given.

People (couples included) often forget that the easiest way to get what they want, is to ask for what they want, or even need. And I often get strange looks when I recommend to people that they should schedule time for sex. I’m not saying pencil it in as “Sex with Kevin – 6:00pm Thursday”, but rather, set aside time for they two of you to be together. I had a professor that once said, “People will spend more time trying to fix their toilet than their relationship.” If time together as a couple is as important as you think it is, make time for it! It’s just the really simple things that people often overlook.

How do you think couples you see define 'amazing sex'?

I think they see great or amazing sex as when both parties are satisfied in more than just a sexual way. They are content in their relationship mentally, physically, and emotionally. Of course it can be different for everyone. Though, those also seem to be the main points that keep being mentioned by couples I meet and advise.

How do you measure success as a sex educator and sexologist?

Success to me is whenever I have been able to help someone. Whether it is me giving them permission to do something or helping them realize that they are “normal”, it reassures me that I am doing a good thing.

How did you get into sex education and sexology?

I would have to say it was my hidden destiny. I’ve always had a knack for science, so after high school I went to pursue a biology degree with a pre-med emphasis. Everything was going well until I realized that I couldn't do chemistry to save my life. That completely derailed my train to an MD.

I was in a slight panic because I didn’t know what to do with a general biology degree. It was happy fate one day at the grocery store that my path was illuminated for me. I was browsing through a magazine reading a sex article, and the thought “who writes these articles?” hit me. I saw the word “sexologist” and I said, “hmmm.” I went home and searched for degrees in sexology, as if such a thing existed. Sure enough, It was a real thing! After thinking it, I had always been that highly curious, sometimes inappropriate friend who was always reading or talking about sex. Once I saw that this was a valid career path, I was in! It has been a long road, but I finally graduated in June of 2012 with my Doctorate in Human Sexuality. I like to say that I am a happy blend of science and sex.

What do you find most challenging about being a sexologist?

It's very difficult, especially as a fresh graduate, to be taken seriously. First of all, here in West Michigan, hardly anyone outside of my group of friends has heard of the term sexologist. I often get asked what is sexology, what I do, and if I went to school for that. It is a combination of unfamiliarity and a certain level of taboo that impede me from doing everything that I would like to be doing.

Moreover, I have been met with positive reinforcement and people are genuinely excited to see what I intend to bring to our city. I’ve only had a few naysayers, but to quote Ellen, “My haters are my motivators.”

What's next for you over the next 6-12 months?

Just keep hustling! I’m at the cusp of being able to make the transition to doing sexology full time. I’ll be continuing my television and radio presence here in Grand Rapids and hopefully expanding to broader markets too.

I want to start offering monthly or bi-monthly workshops for men and women on various sexuality topics and that isn’t just limited to Grand Rapids! I will be leading seminars in Denver and Florida in 2013 at conventions hosted by SwingFest Events and fingers crossed, I will have my book I’ve been working on in the final stages of getting published. And of course I will be writing, reading, and researching all of the latest and greatest in sex and sexuality.

More about Megan

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Grand Rapids-based Sexologist. She holds a doctor of education in Human Sexuality from San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a degree in Biology from Grand Valley State University. She also Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists (ACS).

Dr. Megan is a firm believer that knowledge is power and that comprehensive sex education is not only valuable to budding teens, but to all of society. This Sexologist strives to break down the societal norms that sex is still a taboo subject and wants to normalize the conversation. She wants to empower everyone into taking control and respecting their sexuality.

Offering candid insights, sex positivity, and open mindedness, Megan is on the fast track to becoming one of the premiere voices in sex today. Increasing public awareness through sex education, media work, hosting seminars, and in one-on-one sessions, she hopes to make the world a little more open and communicative one day at a time. This multiracial sex educator is young, passionate, and ready to take the world head-on. 'Like' Megan on Facebook and Twitter @SexologistMegan.
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