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Position of the Day: 3 O'clock Appointment

Equality is important in a relationship, so here's a position that represents that necessary balance. We're calling it "The 3 O'clock Appointment". Don't ask why, just go with it! Alright, get into your positions.


How to get into it

Much like the traditional 69 position, you and your lover must lie on top of one another. The person on top should be more in a kneeling position, while the person on bottom should be curled up.

Benefits for the one on bottom
  • It puts this person in a vulnerable and almost submissive position. For straight men this might be new, therefore, exciting.
  • By curling your legs back, you are exposing more areas for play, giving more options for your "top". 
Benefits for the top
  • There's more intimacy. You are being cradled (hey, maybe we should have called it "The Cradle") and embrace completely by your partner. 
  • You have the control here. You can decide how to pleasure your partner while being able to control your partner's ability to pleasure you.
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Our other sex position faves:
Comments? Questions? New Positions? Include them below or e-mail us 

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