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Who do you think does it better ?

First on stage... Erika Mayshawn a playboy-girl.
Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week - August 23, 2010
from,Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.
178 cm (5 ft 10 in)  57 kg
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We have a unknown Ebony girl
Playing on the beach

sexy black girl in tiny bikini topless by maidylotion

4 Places to Love Adventurously

Here at GetLusty, we are all about spicing up your love life. There are so many different ways to spice it up! One of our favorite ways to keep things interesting is to get it on while you're out! Yes, I am talking about sex outside. We recommend adventurous love and always being legal.

Without adieu, below are some really fun places to get bold.


#1 The beach

Sex on the beach is not only romantic. It's also fun and wild. Go during the night so you won't be easily spotted, and bring a blanket so you don't get sand in your hooha or other nooks and crannies. Pic credit to

#2 At a drive-in (best in winter)

This may sound cliche, but if you haven't done it, put it on your sexual bucket list. It will add excitement and get your adrenaline pumping.

Starting off with some lusty touching, kissing or cuddling close as foreplay. Then move to deeper kissing and before long your windows will be fogged up and no one will be able to see inside!

We recommend drive-in sex (foreplay or otherwise) because we have a feeling drive-in's won't be around for much longer. Photo credit to Glamour.

#3 In the park or a playground 

Again, make sure you're sticking to the night time for this one. Sex with children around is--again--another no no. But if the conditions are right, and you're feeling the interest--we recommend!

We definitely agree with European, forward-thinking around park sex. In this Copenhagen, Denmark park, for example, there's a printed list of rules for park sex. Like us, they recommend you use protection [and throw protection in the garbage when finished], don't do it between 9am-4pm and don't be loud while doing it in the bushes. Thanks to David Cooper for the pic.

Do it in the dark on a park bench. Do it on a merry go round. Do it on a blanket on the ground. Just romp around in the grass! (Provided it's not a dog park).

#4 Duck behind a building

This is one of my favorites. Best done on a Sunday afternoon! If you're feeling a little bit randy while driving around, find a random business park. Nobody is likely to be around and the surroundings are likely to be pretty plush.

If you do, though, there are several recommendations. Make sure where ever you decide to go, A.) Has no cameras in the back, B.) Doesn't say no trespassing and, C.) Doesn't have weekend workers (They do exist). Park in the back of the building where no one can see you, hop out of the car and have your man bend you over for a nice hot quickie. Ah, brings back delicious memories.

With Love, from GetLusty

This is a guest post by our very own Crimson.

Crimson is our resident BDSM fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

Have story ideas? Get in touch with Crimson at

Camille Crimson's Top 5 Fav Blowjob Tips

At GetLusty, we love sucking dick. With the right direction, we think other ladies will take up this somewhat lost art. You, too, ladies can be a pro at the penis. Read on. This is a guest post by We're celebrating our first Blowjob 101 class with Sunny Megatron in Chicago, and wanted to talk about blowjobs briefly. What better person to ask advice on this than a blowjob connoisseur?

* * *

Hi there!

I'm Camille Crimson and I spend a good amount of my time thinking of, talking about and giving sensual blowjobs. I have two wonderful sites devoted to the beauty of oral sex. Find them at and, a blog with over 800 posts at and a weekly advice column at

People often asked me what my tips are when it comes to giving a blowjob, so I wanted to share a few of them with you today.

1. Focus on the tip

The cockhead is a really sensitive spot for a lot of guys, so remember that it isn't all about taking his cock as deep as you can and hoping for the best. Spend some time teasing him with your tongue, tracing little circles, kissing it gently, sucking on it lightly, moving your tongue around while it's in your mouth... Just see what works.

2. Frenulum fun

The frenulum is the little area on the underside linking the head and the shaft. For a lot of penises, this is the sweet spot. Have fun kissing, licking, sucking lightly... See what works for him and go with it. It's not for absolutely everyone, but a lot of guys see this as the most sensitive part, so you may get a very nice response!

3. Stroke and suck

Some people think a blowjob has to be purely with the mouth, but most guys need a helping hand. Whether it's because they're used to their own or they like to vary the stimulation, stroking his cock while you suck him enables you to focus on the head or frenulum while giving his shaft some attention as well. Plus, stability!

4. Don't forget the balls 

A blowjob doesn't need to be strictly cock. The balls need some focus as well.

Check in and see whether he likes a little or a lot, then play around with some kisses, long licks along the seam, even taking them gently into your mouth. If you can stroke him while you lavish attention on his balls, so much the better!

5. Extra credit

What else do you have? You have breasts, you have your face, you have your fingertips... A blowjob can go in so many different directions. A little sexy talk, maybe some roleplaying, a few toys, trying to add some other sex act in the mix... So many options! Earn your extra credit by trying something new.

Of course, it's really important to remember that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. The best thing to do is to try things and be in tune to how they react. Everybody is different. If in doubt, ask. There's nothing quite like having a talk about turn-ons and making each other feel good to encourage you to get creative and experience new levels of pleasure together.

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Burning Man: Where I Got Married Naked

Burning Man is the festival of festivals. You could walk around all day and still only cover a small portion of its extensive, intricate art pieces.


Created by an all-volunteer-army, dedicated to art and beauty, it's one of the best experiences I had. Ever. And this week, we won't attend Burning Man.

I wanted to share a quick story about getting married naked at Burning Man. Because I haven't been able to tell many people about my experience. Until now.

In August 2010, I left for San Francisco with my then fiancee. We left for Burning Man not quite sure what to think.

After hours of driving in an RV full of our friends, we entered Gerlach, Nevada. We purchased bicycles, asking nicely before we picked them up if one could be affixed with a dildo. "No," the shop noted without hesitation, "But we can do that next time if you give us some more time."

We got to the gate and there was a 4 hour wait in a line of cars. No matter--dressed up freaks like ourselves started putting on make-up and costumes. Just dancing next to our cars. Almost licking the alkaline dust. Even the newbies.

Ingesting that dust would later make me sick to my stomach. After arriving, we set up with the other folks at the Whiskey & Whores camp.

Within the hour, we ran away to look for sex camps to get wild in. Throughout, we managed to attend a Beaver Eating Contest, Tea Bagging Contest (paired only against gay men I managed to win the best teabagger with my husband!) and other craziness.

Almost all of it naked. It was enough to make the regular newbie high on love.

Day #4, I got sick. Horribly sick with vomit and other sickness. Set to wed the day after, I stood my ground. I was going to get married, damn it! In the Naked Tiki bar of all places. Since my husband is a former devout Methodist, he felt it was sacrilegious to get married in the, "Temple." Which, I understand.

With an intimate group of 20 friends, we had a little ceremony. The temperature was around 100 degrees. There wasn't much shade and being naked was killer. But we recited our vows dutifully and beautifully. The entire atmosphere was full of love and adoration.

Like other weddings, though it was full of stress, the love overruled anything else. After the ceremony, there were so many activities to celebrate. It was the most wonderful place to be married. Everyone--friends and mere acquaintances, would laugh and celebrate with us. Enjoy our wedding day together with us.

I remember that day often. But as much because this week is Burning Man and it's our 2 year anniversary being married! And it only gets better. Marriage should only get better!

What is YOUR marriage story? We'd love to feature the story about how you either got married or how you met your significant other. 

This is post by Erica Grigg, our Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, social entrepreneur and sex geek. She wants to change the world.

If you don't see Erica riding around downtown, Chicago in her beach cruiser, you see her chatting up the tech community about the importance of sex and love in marriage. Follow Erica on Twitter @ericagrigg or subscribe via FacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

Want to connect about writing, or business partnership with a woman-run business that cares? E-mail me directly at

Prostate Milking 101 for Couples

Just because Anal August grinds to a close, here at Get Lusty we're hoping you're just getting started with your anal adventures.

* * *

Well, rev up your engines, lovers, here comes an ultimate move that'll send your male partner through the roof. Prostate milking, or massage, is basically a combo breaker. Sure, fellatio, tea-bagging, licking, fondling all feel pretty amazing to the main attractions. However, the prostate, tucked behind the penis, nestled up to the anus wall, is quite in charge of every male's sexual response.

Biology Quickie

Although essential for ejaculation, the prostate is often not held aloft as the important sexual organ it is. Often this gem is only probed in the cold sterility of a doctor's latexed fingers. Nay I say! In fact, some men can reach orgasm through prostate massage alone!

When the penis engorges during arousal, the prostate is more easily massaged through the perineum or, even better, through the anterior anal wall. Usually more the more stimulation to the prostate, the more seminal fluid (a.k.a. pre-cum) is released, upping the sexual ante. Hence the “milking” aspect.

Now, if that doesn't convince your guy, surely these next few moves will.

Slow it down

Try slowly making your way to the anus via the usual suspects. Have him lay on his back, legs gently spread. Begin with some teasing fellatio to prime the pump, then work with your hands slowly from fondling his balls to wandering about his perenium (a map is included in that analingus article) that lovely space between his scrotum and anus. About midway back, you should feel a small knob of muscles. Bingo! Keep the pressure slow and steady at first. Though the pressure alone can be pleasurable, pairing massage with fellatio or a handy can be an awesome mix.

Lube it up

If you and your partner are a-ok, move on town to anal town. If you have a favorite or most trusted brand of lube, get 'em ready. Since the anus is not truly a self-lubricating orifice, you gotta be gentle and glide-friendly.

What I've used and works is a warming lubricant. The anus is rife with sensitive tissue which can work for and against you. Warming lube is definitely a pro, especially in working up to digital insertion. Rubbing the lube from his testes, across his taint, and around the outside of his anus could work as excellent foreplay. The lube then acts as lubrication as well as massage perk.

Cover your bases

Here is where an extra condom, dental dam, or even a latex glove (if your partner's not too scared by past medical visits) will come in mighty handy.

While your lube (if used generously and properly used) should aid in your gliding needs, this extra coverage will not only protect your finger(s) or toys from your partner's bacteria, as well as keep his anal tissue safe from possible scratches, tears, or outside bacteria from your hands. Even a simple trimming of fingernails can help immensely in this department. Though your man may like it rough, you can't be careful enough about anal fissures and tears.

Insert coins to begin

Now the event especial. Covered by your latex of choice (I prefer a lubricated, ribbed Trojan), gently insert either your index or middle finger into his anus. Though you can do palm down, palm up comes highly recommended, as your finger, when curled, can directly rub the prostate. This little lump of pleasure is located about an inch into the rectum. Once located, begin a a slow rhythm. He'll definite respond, especially if combined with fellatio. Speed up to his standards or slow down for a tease, or better BOTH, because orgasm will definitely be one of the best he's ever had.

Major plus worth trying: two fingers, to alternate the rhythm and add double the stimulation.

Challenge round

Once you're both on par with manual prostate milking, a lovely way to spice up the massage is to gently insert a small vibrator (yes, ladies, males get their own vibrators, too!) or even dildo during regular intercourse to add that extra pressure to his prostate. I'm extremely sure, if done right, this will become a regular staple (or a teasing treat) of your boudoir bounty!

This is a guest post by GetLusty writer, Ellen Dukes. Though Ellen Dukes is not an ethical slut (a damn respectable title, she'll have you know), her curiosity, openness, and the indefatigable search engine Google is have lead her to a 21st century sex education.

A Chicagoan, you may see Ellen enjoying the delights of her deeply loving relationship with her boyfriend. Have a naughty story? She's heard naughtier, but tell her all the same at She's a wannabe sexpert with years of porn viewing, listening to sex stories, and textbook browsing just waiting to put this knowledge to wonderful use.

Comments? Our comments feature is being fixed, oh my! We hope to enable comments within the week. In the interim, do comment on Twitter @getlusty, Facebook & Tumblr!

20 Things to Avoid During Sex

Sex is and should be funny. There are limits to fun & enjoyable things to do during sex.

We understand that weird and silly things just happen when people have sex. That's just life. But if you're the one who is making these things happen, stop. Just stop! Here is a list of twenty things to not do in bed for you and your man.


#1 Don't pick up the phone 

Especially if it's your boss or mother. This should be reserved for emergencies. This includes, for example, if the babysitter is only supposed to call during emergencies.

But otherwise, we'd recommend against this far-too-often practice. Not only does this distract you, it can also ruin the mood entirely. If you don't want to have awesome sex, and then shower sex after that, then go ahead. Answer your phone. But if not, do yourself a favor and turn your phone on silent or even better, just turn it off.

#2 Don't have the TV on

You may think that it's a great idea to get head while you're watching your favorite sports team beat down their rivals but, unless it was a mutual decision don't be a dick so you can get yours sucked.

#3 Don't let it rip willy-nilly 

We get it, sometimes you just have to fart. It's a natural bodily function and we are not telling you to keep it until your gut explodes but please, just don't let it rip so that it makes a loud noise. If it accidentally escapes just say 'excuse me' and keep riding.

#4 Don't call someone else's name 

Sometimes you might be fantasizing about your favorite porn star or a super sexy ex and that's ok. Whatever gets you off! However, it's a huge mood ruiner and almost a guarantee that you wont be getting that booty any more when you yell out someone else's name that isn't the person you're currently screwing.

#5 No anal without warning

Anal is great! We dedicated an entire month to it. But if you think it's a great idea to ram your partner in the ass without fair warning, you are wrong. Especially if you're going at it hard, make sure not to take it out too far. I was once bruised with a dick on my anus. I couldn't sit for days. It was bad. Don't wish that upon your lover.

#6 Don't do it without lube

Following up with the previous "don't" if you are going to do someone in the ass USE LUBE. It is more than a common courtesy, it's a necessity. Please be kind and lube my behind.

#7 Don't make your lover look like they were just in a bar fight

Love bites, hickeys... we love them but please, no need to make someone look like they just got out of a bar brawl.

#8 Don't quote movies

Movie lovers I salute you. But, if you quote movies during our session you're more than likely to get laughter and odd looks rather than someone moaning your name.

And, you know what, sometimes that's what you want--which is cool. But my preference is not to hear, "You can do it! You can do it alll night long!". Unless, of course, we're in the middle of an Adam Sandler fantasy. In which case, that'd still be funny. But slightly more hot.

#9 Don't ever tell your lover to hurry up

If it's not a mutually agreed upon quickie, don't rush your lover. If you want that pussy/dick, it's likely to be fizzled if its unduly rushed.

#10 Don't cry

Unless you are emotionally moved by our love making there is no crying during sex!

Tears will make any girly boner or pitched tent deflate in an instant. If you have an issue so mentally taxing, let's not have sex. We should probably talk in that case.

#11 Don't break bad news to your lover

Total mood ruiner that could lead to an argument mid coitus. Put your head back on, this is a bad idea. Just let your mind move to another--better--place and get back to giving me head!

#12 Don't break up mid hump

Always be nice to the woman who has your dick in her pussy or mouth. I mean, really, we've been together for how long and you want to break up with me while having sex? That's wrong! Let's talk it over later. For now, enjoy the pleasure of making love.

#13 Don't live tweet sex

Just don't! It's rude and creepy. I don't want my pussy hangin' out there in the Twitterverse. And I'd prefer if you didn't Twitpic or Instagram your dick (AKA dickpic). It's something other than monogamy and we haven't even talked about it first?!

#14 Don't try something new without telling your partner

I am trying to save you some embarrassment and rejection. If you want to put on a horse head and strap on some hooves that's fine, but please discuss it first. Just tell me, we can talk about it (and negotiate), and then move onto making your fantasy into real life!

#15 Don't ask for money

Seriously? Now is not the time. I know the gas and electric bill need to get paid. But I will most definitely forget about it post hump. Just make a note on the fridge before our escapades.

#16 Don't announce that you have an STD mid hump

We understand likely couples won't have to deal with STDs frequently. But this does happen surprisingly, and not always a sign of infidelity. Let's be adult about this one. If you have an STD you should always tell someone before hopping into bed with them. If you are doing it as a joke you deserve to be bucked off and fall on your ass.

#17 Don't talk about the current presidential race

Plain and simple. There is nothing less sexy that politics, insurance and taxidermy. Let's talk about it! Just... not while making love.

#18 Don't talk about your family

We know you love your family but there is a time and a place for them and it's NOT in bed with you and your lover. Talking about drama between family members could not be more unsexy.

#19 Don't invite your dog or cat in to watch

Fluffy and Shadow are your best friends on four legs. We are animal lovers too. But they don't need to come and see the show especially if they are curious must-sniff-everything types.

#20 Don't be a selfish lover

When getting down be courteous! Don't be a one minute man or woman and then not get your partner off. At the very least you need to serve up some oral for dessert.

With love from GetLusty!

This is a guest post by our very own Crimson.

Crimson is our resident BDSM fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

Have story ideas? Get in touch with Crimson at

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Dana Miller
Topless Girl

the vid is from 2007

Topless israelie girl on tv by cupo328

she play a Stripper in one move ,the host of the Program ask, how did she get Into the Role "She replies, "it was quite simple"...and Takes off . He asks, What do you see, She says, boy and girl before they go to bed. He says he see breasts.
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some photos of aya koren
she is a Actress and Model
cant find a vid for this. so only the pics.

Today she is married + 4 girls

Ayelet Zurer

Primarily known in the U.S. as Vittoria Vetra, from the legendary movie Angels & Demons (Second part of the Da Vinci Code) with Tom Hanks.

Sexual Negotiation 101

Negotiation before and during sex can be tricky but absolutely essential. Aren't experienced in the art of kink? A newbie at sexual communication? We think consensual sex is the hottest kind, and that's why we're writing on the importance of negotiation for newbies. This article is by Jean-Luc Gothos, who is an avid lover of kink and negotiation.

* * *

It’s something that will always be a part of kink, BDSM and even non-kink encounters. Put your likes and dislikes on the table, and and honest to sexual communication improves all aspects of sex. This is the real key here; honest communication.  My perspective is slightly different then others. I generally only have committed partners, I don’t have one night stands or uncommitted relationships.

For the couples out there, these recommendations are just as important if they're trying new things out sexually or changing their sexual routine. Change requires conversation and negotiation!

These are ways that I've used negotiation. The way you use negotiation might be slightly different, especially in your communication style. Nevertheless, I'm sure you could use my experiences to learn about negotiation in your own love life.

Start of with, "hard limits"

Negotiation is an evolving process. It’s something that is always just a little different each time. It is always good to start with, "hard limits." Hard limits are the “No fucking way. Not for a million dollars!" things that you will not do. 

For example in the adult industry, some individuals will keep certain sex acts off limits. Why? They only want certain acts for themselves and/or their partners or they just aren't into it.

Ask & answer questions

For example, anal sex. Are you into anal or do you just have no interest in ass play of any kind? Pain, needles, electricity play.

What are your stances on such play? Do you enjoy being tied up and used, or do you like to be the one in charge? These are the questions you’ll have to be asking yourself and your partner. Once you have talk about all of that now it’s time to move onto the fun stuff.

Have a safe word

Now there is another more on-the-fly type of negotiation. This includes the yes/no form of negotiation. This type of negotiation takes place when your verbal skills have left because you have your partner pinned against a wall. 

During sex, you can always communicate with your partner saying stop with the safe word. For instance, if things are going to quickly and you want to stop, just use your safe word. 

Likely, naked sexy things are happening at a fast pace. Your not thinking as much as acting, and your partner is just giving a yes or no answers.  Why? You’re both just so caught up in the sexual energy that’s being exchanged. This is perfectly fine for established couples, however for first time encounters it is best to hold off and really take the time for real communication to happen. 

There you have it, a simple starter guide to negotiation, I’d highly recommend The Loving Dominate, The New Topping Book, and the New Bottoming Book all of which go into much more detail into the negotiation process. 

Jean-Luc Gothos is our resident pansexual geek. He's founder on Mindchaotica. He is also very active on TwitterFacebookG+, and Tumblr. I’m also a writer for Life On The SwingsetKink~E Magazine, and he also reviews sex toys on EdenFantasys and writes for their sex positive online publication SexIs Social.

Please feel free to leave a comment and add to the list!

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