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Christina Aguilera - Then and Now - A Megapost

I think the phrase you'd use back then is "fucking gorgeous". Okay, I felt a bit creepy as she was then 20 and I'd be 30 and she did look a bit borderline jailbait in some photos, but bollocks to it, doesn't make me Jimmy Savile does it? Alas Christina has put a bit of weight on now (as have I) and her ass has gone a bit weirdly massive... fuck it - I don't care. Still would.

So here we go on a 15 year journey with Miss Aguilera...

Here's some later photos:

And now the hottest she's ever looked:

More of the same...

Now the clothes won't stay on.

Blimey. Into the home straight now...

And up to date:

Wow. I still say she should have done porn...
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