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3 Ways to Lusty, Inconspicuous Public Foreplay

Ever have one of those days where all you want to do is just jump your man/woman but, you have such a busy day together or apart that there will be no time until the evening? Boo.

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Public foreplay is not necessarily about grab-ass in public without getting caught.

It's more than that. It's about silently raising the sexual energy between you and your partner to a level that will have you both clinging to your sanity and begging to skip the rest of the day for an explosive session elsewhere.

Here are 3 easy ways to help you and your partner make some unseen sparks in public for an evening fire.

#1 Suggestive body language

It's all about body language and being suggestive. I am not talking about the fake grade school hard-on in your mouth move. I am talking about nonchalantly caressing your chest, lip biting and licking (don't over do this one) all while staring at him.

Give him that look you give him when you want it and he will know what you're doing. When he asks what you're doing, you can simply say "nothing" or, "you're hot," while batting your eye lashes and feigning innocence. For the significant other, this is for you. I know you have a couple of non-physical moves and looks of your own. Use them! Don't be afraid to get flirty and secretly dirty while raising the stakes.

#2 Closeness

This is for the both of you! Private PDA! Sounds like an oxymoron huh? Well not if done properly. This public, physical foreplay is between you and your man/woman and no one else knows what is going on except for you two.

Say you are walking through the grocery store picking up some things and your lover stops to look at some items.

When they stop, make sure you are behind them to press your body against theirs and place both hands on their hips and get a firm (but not tight) hold or place one hand on the hip and let the other roam covertly while you whisper something naughty and then walk away. This works well especially if your in a bigger city with packed public transportation. Stakes raised!

#3 Sexting

We all know what sexting is and we have all tried it or at least entertained the idea.

Half of public foreplay is mental. Giving the idea and the mental images of what is to come later are not thoughts you can easily shake off. Even if your in the same room together at a gathering or having dinner, shoot a suggestive, dirty little sext message to your lover and the return is sure to be positive!

This is a guest post by our very own Crimson.

Crimson is our resident BDSM fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

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