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You Should Be Nude Right Now: #NakedSaturday

Getting naked is pretty awesome. It was very freeing that we weren't the only ones. There were several scantily clad ladies and gents. Erica Grigg reports on why she enjoys nudity and recommends you be naked. Like right now. And when you are, please feel free to use the Twitter hashtag #NakedSaturday. We'd love to hear how you're naked either in the comments below or on social media!

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Hesitant? I get that.

I would've never gone nude unless my husband recommended it. The first nude beach I attended was full of a variety of bodies in Miami. It was shocking how nude beach participants were comfortable in their own skin.

Growing up, I was thoroughly ashamed of my 'thick' frame. Since I was around 7, I had worn t-shirts to avoid showing skin (and especially my big ass and thighs) since pre-pubescence for shame.

Nudism is normal

The truth is nudism is pretty normal--in certain conditions. The only problem? Most nude beaches are filled to the brim with men. I wonder ocassionally about this. Why don't women visit nude beaches, parties or other activities naked. I have only one answer: men. And even some women, I've experienced. Overall--it's those who don't understand the two important, unspoken rules for being naked. My husband taught me these two rules before I visit the nude beach. 

Two-ish quick, simple rules
#1 Don't touch anyone else--anywhere!--without asking
#2 Don't get sexual (that includes boners) unless you're in your own house or have a pre-negotiated where you are
#3 The side rule: Don't get naked unless you're comfortable with it.

With that in mind, if you're working from home, I most definitely recommend you get naked. Right now! It's almost the end of summer, why not?

If you're at work and cannot get naked, I recommend a dinner and/or movie naked, and numerous other activities (which we will be covering soon). If you have chaffing like me, feel free to wear panties or underwear. Or, like runners, tther alternatives include petroleum jelly in areas where chaffing happens.

Reasons why you'll love being nude:
  • Learn about all your curves
  • Find your hips, shake them in ways you never thought you could
  • Explore your bodies' limits
  • It's so airy
  • There's a serious freedom with being naked
  • Find more reasons to love your body
  • Start to adore your cellulite
  • Looking at your body multiple times makes you more comfortable with yourself 
  • Learn new dance moves 
  • Grove your body in unexpected ways!
Either way... Enjoy yourself! As Baz Lehrmann says in "The Sunscreen Song": "Love your body. Don't be ashamed of it or what other people think of it." Would you like to hear the whole song? Check it out below; it's a lovely song. 

Have wonderful naked activities you love? Do comment below!

This is post by Erica Grigg, our Founder and Chief Lust Officer. She's a writer, marketer, social entrepreneur and sex geek. She founded GetLusty to end boring sex. 

If you don't see Erica riding around downtown, Chicago in her beach cruiser or at a diner with her adoring husband. You'll also find her chatting up the tech community about the importance of sex and love in marriage. Follow Erica on Twitter @ericagrigg or subscribe via FacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

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