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10 Super Sexy Halloween Costumes for Couples

I've been inundated with sexy Halloween costumes. For women mostly. But how about a sexy costume for couples? Loving couples are the most wonderful thing in the world to GetLusty! So if you're a couple and you have no idea what to wear for Halloween--check out these ideas! Portia Blush, our favorite contributor and producer of the ErogenoUS Blog, is here to give us sexy ideas for Halloween that we can both use!

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The day is almost here when we get to walk out our doors scantily clad, free from judgement, and don our alter egos for a night of fun and frolic without. No, it's not your friend's bachelorette party, I'm talking about Halloween of course! It seems in recent years Halloween has become synonymous with "sexy".

Everywhere you look, costume choices for us ladies seem to be short, tight, and definitely not for the shy, featuring super-low necklines, and ultra-high heels. And while it may seem that we ladies have this niche market reserved just for ourselves, there are just as many options for you men out there who want to flaunt your wilder side, too! I'm here to share with you 10 sexy costumes for men and women that will have all eyes on you, and all hands wish they were too!

#1 Gangster and Dame

They're dangerous and alluring, which is exactly what makes them sexy! This is proof that you don't have to be almost naked to have sex appeal. Nothing beats a man in a well-tailored suit, necktie, suspenders, and a fedora!

It just creates an aura of suaveness and sophistication; the kind that has us ladies running our fingers through our hair with wanton restrained desire. And ladies, nothing says that more to a man than a satin clad dame on his arm. Think Jessica Rabbit, or Marilyn Monroe; long curve-hugging dress, curled hair draped down her back, long elbow length gloves, and perched atop slender high heels. Yes, glamour.

#2 Police Officers - Partners in Crime

Who can resist a man or woman in uniform? Add some handcuffs, some boots that command attention, and a badge, and you'll have them waiving their right to remain silent in no time!

#3 Pirate and Wench

Prepare to be boarded! Pirates offer an air of mystique and danger. They were the original "bad boys", taking the high seas by storm, in leather pants and flowing open shirts. Think Captain Jack Sparrow and Miss Swan. They be a right sexy pair, matey! Ladies, a tight corset and pert breasts overflowing your bodice will have your pirate Captain begging you to walk his plank!

#4 Mad Men Theme - Don Draper and Betty

This show is incredibly popular for a reason. It literally sells an era where sexual tensions were running high, but hem lines were still hovering low. It has the allure and class, of a period in time where men were impeccable in well-tailored suits, cigar in hand, and women in demur yet flirty dresses or tight-fitting sweaters and pencil skirts, and were never without makeup. Recreate that power and intrigue, and watch the sexual tensions (among other things) rise!

#5 Vampires

You're probably thinking the gross ones with blood dripping, and going "Eww, not sexy", but vampires can be! Vampires are popular for a reason, and it's because they are sexy, alluring, and dangerous. They make us fear seduction, and crave it; all at once. Think the original meaning of Gothic; rich dark-colored velvets, draping shirts, tall boots, dark makeup, and just a hint of blood on the lips. Give yourself over to the dark side, and have fun seducing the night away!

#6 Cowboy and Cowgirl

Be that rough and rugged man of her dreams, guys! Ladies, be the sweet, yet sultry vixen that came tame the wild stallion he is. The Wild West wasn't called that for nothing! Saddle up to some fun this Halloween, and lasso yourself some fun!

#7 Doctor and Nurse

It's an ultra-popular fantasy for a reason. There is just something damn sexy about a man, or woman, who knows all the right things to make you feel better! Ladies need not be the only sexy ones here either! While nothing stops hearts more like a short and tight nurses uniform, a man in scrubs with a stethoscope (and nothing else), just makes a woman feel weak in the knees! Temperatures will rise and hearts will stop when you come dressed to heal, so be prepared to give lots of mouth to mouth!

#8 Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

Timeless and classic, and not to mention sexy as hell! An Egyptian Queen; beautiful, regal, and captivating, and a Roman soldier; brave, strong, and powerful. This is what good sexual tension is made from! Not to mention long flowing gowns and well-fitting armor! Rule the night by becoming these legendary loves!

#9 Tarzan and Jane

Love and sex are primal, so show your jungle fever as untamed jungle man, Tarzan, and damsel in distress, Jane! Men, let your wild side show in a loin cloth with your hair untamed! Ladies, let your wild mane of hair flow, and wear that skimpy leopard print bikini and wrap! Let your inner-lion roar!

#10 Superheros

It's the dance between good and evil that makes super heroes so fascinating to us. And maybe their tight suits, right ladies? You're sure to have the whole world's eyes on you both, whether you go as Batman and Cat Woman, dancing the line between control and surrender, light and dark. Or as Superman and his love, Lois Lane; saving the world, and his damsel, one heroic act at a time. Timeless love stories of heroism, combined with super sexy skin-tight costumes, are definitely sure to heave everyone wishing you could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and save them!

May your sexy Halloween costume romping have you doing so long after the party ends, and your costumes come off! Stay sexy, and as always, have fun!

Seeking to shatter the myth that "nice girls don't talk about sex", and somehow trying to survive her mid-30's in suburbia without large doses of vodka, Portia Blush is a saucy Sapiosexual who shares with an infectious wit and a candid vulnerability about her explorations of sex, love, intimacy, kink, the occasional obsession, and everything in between; one true story at a time.

She has over 10 years experience playing Switchy in the BD/SM scene, and has explored a myriad of relationship configurations from monogamous to poly. She holds a BFA from some hoity-toity NYC art school, and still ponders the meaning of life on a regular basis. Follow her on Twitter @erogenousblog and Facebook and of course, ErogenoUS her blog.
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