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Touch-Free Orgasm: My Personal Story

Since it's Orgasm October, we're talking especially about orgasms of all kinds. To be sure, we love orgasms of all kinds (take a clitoral or g-spot orgasm for). Especially, what we've talked about before; hands-free, mental or 'thinking off' orgasms. So let's get personal. Monica Day of the Sensual Life is here to talk about her experience of actually having a hands-free orgasm.

* * *

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you, but once you see what it is, you’ll know why I had to.

After spending five hours waiting for Pep Boys to fix my blown-out tire and five days of rather intense relating with someone I am in a significant relationship with, I finally got on the road from NYC back to Philadelphia to pull the Mommy portion of my week.

Between the time it took me to get from Long Island City to the Verrazano Bridge, I’d had a full-up orgasm. While driving, no less. And hadn’t put my hands anywhere near my genitals, or any other part of my body for that matter! For a moment, I feared I might still be in the grips of it when I hit the toll booth. And wondered how I would navigate paying the toll while in climax!

After marveling at this phenomenon, and making a phone call to share it with said significant person, I continued along my merry way. Until around exit 7A. Guess what? Yup, another one. Bigger, stronger, longer, and wetter this time. Truly amazed, and with a little embarrassment even, I pull over to change my now uncomfortably wet jeans and catch my breath for a minute.

How did this happen?

Strangely enough, it all started with feelings of jealousy. Someone I have been intimate with for the last two years is now in an intimate relationship with someone else. Just minutes before I got in the car, I learned they had been sexual together the night before.

Now, this isn’t exactly a Tiger Woods kind of event. We have always had an open relationship, and it is more open now than ever. But there were a few wrinkles to the scenario this particular night that made it very tempting to go into a downward spiral of loss, betrayal and jealousy.

So, I’m driving along and tossing it around in my mind. Giving myself space to see how I really feel about it. When suddenly, my body starts having a very different reaction than my mind! I simply can’t hold onto the jealousy. Instead, I start imagining them together. Thinking of what they must do, how it must be between them. Then, I start to imagine myself included, rather than excluded, in the scene. And, well, you already know how the story ends.

Of course, I’m tempted to keep all this to myself. It seems, even for me, somehow too private and odd to share in this forum. And yet, I can’t help thinking there is potential for a serious revolution in relating to grow out of this odd little road trip of mine.

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Monica Day is the founder of The Sensual Life, and a writer, performer, workshop leader, and personal coach. She's been active in sex education and conseling for

Her signature workshop, The Essensual Experience, uses creative expression to inspire more honesty and open communication about your desires – which is the precursor to living a life you love, getting the love you desire, and having the sex you’ve only dared imagine. You can follow her on Twitter @thesensuallife, on her Facebook Fan Page, The Sensual Life, and at her website.
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