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'Like' Us by November 1st & Win VulvaLoveLovey!

We're excited to announce we're giving away a VulvaLoveLovely creation on November 1st! The third in a series of giveaways, GetLusty for Couples loves giving you swag! Our Sqweel 2 care of is close to being in the hands of a lucky GetLusty for Couples reader. Checking e-mail within 24 hours to claim your prize could be the trickiest part of this contest.

Why We Love VulvaLoveLovely

In the words of the Founder of VulvaLoveLovely, Jessica Marie:
For a long time I didn’t think about my Vagina, to avoid feeling all of the things that you feel after all of that.

Whenever I thought of my Vagina in any context, I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt dirty, I felt useless, I felt ashamed and I felt used, thrown away, I felt like a piece of garbage. Death, sadness and humiliation all lingered there.

Traditional counseling didn’t work. I couldn’t shake the shame. So I decided to restructure. I took something I hated and turned it into art, art I thought was beautiful.

Slowly, I found it wasn’t the art that was beautiful, it was me. I felt completely liberated. Then I started working with a rape crisis center where I was able to recognize how effectively society tells us that:, we should be ashamed by our Vulvas, to be pretty you have to fit one very unreachable standard and to validate your prettiness you need to have sex with men, even if you’re not interested. That is when I started VLL.

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We really appreciate your continued support and really look forward to offering you more, better support to end sex in your relationship.

Tons of love,
Erica Grigg & Tim Watson
Chief Lust Officers
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