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Ladies! 3 Surprising Types of Orgasms

Orgasm October has been teaching us so much already! We have already gone over six orgasms so far during this sexy month: clitoral, vaginal, mentalU-spot, A-spot and breast orgasms. We couldn't leave you hanging. So we are back with even more types of orgasms that the female body is capable of experiencing! How could we possibly have three more orgasms to share you ask? Well, ladies our bodies are that amazing and beautiful! Our Lora Swarts reports.

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#1 Skin or (zone) 

The skin orgasm can be brought about by massaging or touching parts of the body that are not directly related to the sexual nervous system (back of the neck, inside of the thigh and lower back).

Women can absolutely experience orgasm from a simple massage, or any stimulus to the skin because it brings on a relaxed state. If you aren't fully orgasming from this stimulation, don't worry! Touching is still amazing foreplay. Make it better by using a blindfold! Not knowing where his lips are headed is truly teasing and orgasmic.

Have you ever had an skin orgasm? Do leave a comment below!

#2 Anal

Women can experience orgasms from anal stimulation! According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who orgasmed vaginally in their last sexual encounter was 65 percent. On the other hand, women who orgasmed from oral sex was 81% and women who orgasmed anally was 94%! Yeah, we were surprised, too. Check out the study here (pages 357-358). Maybe that's why women are more into anal than before or at least giving it a try.

For example, Marie Claire asked in 2011, "Is Anal the New Oral?" Quite possibly, yes! Dr. Jenn already given us advice on how to give better anal pleasure. But if you are totally new to anal pleasure, check out our anal sex mini-guide for couples! Don't forget about communication with anal sex (and all forms of new sexual activity). Also, we do recommend doucheing inside your anus and (rectum) for both men and women--before anal sex. Also, anal can be scary or nerve-racking for some women. So ask first, use a lubricant and go very slowly.

Do you have anal tips or tricks? Do leave them below!

#3 Oral or mouth  

Women who are sensitive orally can experience an oral or mouth orgasm. Kissing, licking, sucking, gently nibbling and even oral sex contribute to the mouth orgasm.

This type of orgasm can be described as beginning in the lips. Then, the orgasm spreads from the mouth to the genitals and then all over the body. Start with lots of foreplay! Making out is simple but can really send blood flowing to all over your body!

Have you ever had an oral orgasm? Do leave a comment below!

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Lora is our Editorial intern and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring Chicago via bicycle, or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend and Beagle puppy in the north side apartment. She has a habit of spending too much money on soy lattes and yoga clothes. Find her on Twitter @HoneyNutLo. Have any questions? Get in touch with Lora at
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