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Blondie Bee and Tony Montana - Couple Sex

Blondie Bee rarely did more in her films than lie there and get pronged by her boyfriend Tony Montana.

She had one of the best bodies in porn due to her habit of working out regularly.

Though she retired from porn in 1988, through the 1990s, Blondie mudwrestled at the Tropicana Hotel in Los Angeles but claimed, "I won't take my top off for $100 like some of those girls."

"If Bo was a "10"," writes Genesis (#4, 1991, p.8), "then Blondie is somewhere around a 69. With those sea blue eyes, her charming, dimpled smile and that exquisitely toned body, Blondie is the sexiest, fittest sex star ever to hit the sordid screen."

With her ex-boyfriend Tony Montana, Blondi moved from nude modeling to adult videos such as Super Sluts of Wrestling, Jane Bond Meets Octopussy, Lucy Has A Ball and Reckless Passion. In an industry of lousy actresses, she particularly stood out for her ineptitude.

She never had sex on-camera with any other man aside from Tony.

Harlan Falcon is an old-time smuthound who remembers Blondie. "Cutest little kewpie doll who ever took a dump of spuzz on her button nose. An ass to eat off of. Top-shelf tits. And f---ed like a screeching, hairless monkey. The problem? Every time she showed, there was a greasy, repulsive Tony Montana and his scuzzball dick. Now, whenever I see a stacked, flaxen-haired petite slice of poon perfection, I sense Tony Montana smarming up right behind it, and my gag reflex takes over." (HEVG by Christian Shapiro)


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