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Try This! The Give 'n Take

We originally tried the stand and receive position, where your mate is standing below you. You're receiving the gift of cunnilingus and all is wonderful. Then, we moved into this surprise position and thought we'd tell GetLusty readers. So here it goes.

How to get into it

Stand straight and he should kneel in front of you. Then, your partner should slide between your legs. It's at this point the cunnilingus could begin. After, you bend over slightly (make sure not to fall over if you have a bad sense of balance). Come to think of it, I don't recommend this position to those not well-balanced.

Benefits for the giver
  • You're engaging your stomach muscles slightly, it makes the position all the more in-the-moment
  • It's relatively comfortable (it doesn't hurt the back) 
  • The position works well to try a variety of tricks and tips for an amazing cunnilingus (though she may not be able to orgasm in this position)
  • Nose in the pussy/butt, so smells are very sexual! Totally engulfed in the moment. This can be a big turn on for your lover (including my husband)
  • Lovely view of your lover's body, with it right next to your face. 

Benefits for the receiver
  • If you enjoy the 69 position, this is awesome. You get to see your lover's body waiting to be pleased
  • There's a stretching that's involved, that actually can feel really good while you're being eaten out 
  • You may not orgasm in this position because of how odd it is. That doesn't mean you won't have a damn good time!
  • Experiment with different blowjob techniques. Alternatively, use your hands for another kind of feeling 
  • Enjoy your partner's moans and let them turn you on; it makes the experience all the more delightful!
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