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Naked November is coming!

As Frankenstorm touches down in the Carolina's and New Jersey, we're hoping for safety for those affected. GetLusty readers, we'll do what we can to keep you stocked on resources to improve your relationship through the process at the least. We'll try to intersperse information for our West coast readers, but to be honest, you're likely hearing a lot about these updates anyway. Either way--we care and are really hoping things go as smoothly as possible for residents of those areas. (Luckily, we're in Chicago currently, but we'll get our share of snow soon, I'm sure). 

On to a brighter note. I cannot believe we're almost done with Orgasm October. We had so many fabulous articles that you--our readers--enjoyed. Within the next several days, we'll feature the best of. We certainly won't stop talking about orgasms, but we will be shifting gears slightly.

Can you believe Halloween is damn near over? November is coming! Oh, my. Fall. It's that time of year when you get cuddled up and nude? Wait, did I just say nude? Yes. We're talking about getting naked. That's right. If you haven't seen why we recommend nudity, you're missing out! We've talked about it before. Getting naked is highly enjoyable for many reasons.

It might seem counter-intuitive. You're going to be feasting, you'll be eating like crazy. Sure. But being naked--emotionally and physically--is just as important in November as in the summer.

Some of the things we'll address: why you should be naked sometimes (and not just in the shower). How feeling emotionally naked could improve your relationship (think: vulnerability). And, what are some naked date night ideas? We're not just talking about cranking your heat up in your living space,  we'll also talk about vulnerability and how you can be emotionally naked.

Because as we've heard before, when you're clear with your lover, and you're happy with yourself--that's far more likely to project onto your relationship. So go ahead--get naked! Even if it's just emotionally because you're cold.

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