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30 Must-'Like' Sex-Positive Facebook Pages

Facebook is a great place to connect with like-minded people and get daily updates from your favorite sex-positive communities and businesses.

GetLusty for Couples loves seeing our articles being 'Liked' and shared by our viewers and we love to share other people's articles as well. Here is a list of 30 sex-positive Facebook pages that we love seeing posts from everyday!

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Without ado, below are our best recommendations for sex-positive individuals and pages on Facebook! 

Mama Sutra Facebook Like
1. The Mama Sutra

"Mother of two girls. Holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Certificate in Women's Studies from UW-Madison. Graduate of IASHS as Master of Human Sexuality. I strive to normalize conversations about sex and sexuality between parents and their children."
    2. Bring Back Desire

    "Mission: To help women rediscover their sensual pleasure and fulfillment while creating deeper and more intimate relationships, with their beloved Self and their beloved partner."
      3. NotSoSecret

      "Mission: We're coming, we're coming... but not quite yet. To shine a bright light on feminine sexuality in a way that inspires women to enjoy the fullest possible spectrum of awesome sex in a way that is informative, entertaining and inspiring."
        4. Pleasure Coach

        "The Pleasure Coach is for women, men and couples, who come from all walks of life, different backgrounds and philosophies. However, even with all of that, they can be invited to come here and find information about sex, sexuality, intimacy and much, much more about the intimate side of life."
          5. Lady Cheeky

          "Writer and sex-positive activist Lady Cheeky started her erotica and sensual images blog in 2010 as a way to communicate with her faraway lover. Since then, Lady Cheeky has evolved into a place of candid self-discovery for her and her readers."
            good vibrations sex shop logo
            6. Good Vibrations

            "Mission: Good Vibrations is a diverse, woman-focused retailer providing high-quality, sex-positive products and non-judgmental, accurate sex information through our clean and comfortable stores, catalog, web site, wholesale division, product and movie production lines in order to enhance our customers’ sex lives and promote healthy attitudes about sex."
              7. The Turned On Woman

              "Mission: To awaken. Ourselves and others. To start fires. To ignite. To catalyze. Turned-on women are changing the world. Your presence is requested."
                8. The Feminist Porn Archive and Research Project

                "Canada’s only funded academic study of feminist porn, the Feminist Porn Archive and Research Project seeks to document, research, support and collect materials, films, videos, dvd, online websites, posters, magazines and 'zine, news and articles about porn made by feminists."
                  9. Cliterati

                  "The original erotica site for women: sex-ed for adults, artcore (erotic art of all kinds), sex news, analysis and comment, reviews, advice and style."
                    10. The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

                    "A physical space for adults to learn medically accurate information relating to sexual pleasure, health and advocacy."
                      11. The Passion Doctor

                      "This page is for couples & singles who want to have more passion in their lives. -Dr. Adam Sheck"
                          12. Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

                          "Mission: To Affirm Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right"
                            13. Sexy Living with Dr. Carlen

                            "As a Sexologist, 'Sexy Living with Dr. Carlen' is the creation of a safe space in order to discuss concerns, desires or general questions in regards to your relationship with your partner, yourself, and others."
                              14. Sexy Grammar

                              "Arouse The Writer: Custom Edits, Private Sessions, and Intimate Workshops for academics, entrepreneurs, and creative writers since 2003."
                                15. Ducky Doo Little

                                "Ducky is a frequent guest lecturer and performer for events that focus on welcoming new students, safer sex practice, STD education & awareness, health & wellness resources on campus, LGBT rights, sexual assault prevention, intimate partner violence awareness, alcohol & substance abuse awareness, and boosting self-esteem."
                                  16. ErogenoUS

                                  "Navigating the erotic life of one woman, without a helmet or a safety harness."
                                    17. Hey Epiphora

                                    "Mission: To conquer the world one sex toy at a time."
                                      18. Joan Price 

                                      "Enrich your sex life with the expert tips and real-people stories in Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, my award-winning book about sex & aging."
                                        19. The Sensual Life 

                                        "Mission: The Sensual Life is nothing more…or less…than a reminder that life itself is a sensual journey. And that living a sensual, turned-on life includes feeling and experiencing everything… work, art, music… arguments, lovemaking, eating… poetry, dance, stories… walking down the street, gardening, being quiet… …as an expression of our sensuality, alive in the world."
                                          20. Make Love Not Porn

                                          "We like great porn. We like great sex. They're not always the same thing."
                                            21. Feelmore510 

                                            "Oakland's 1st Progressive Adult Store located in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland. 1st Impressions are very important. Give us a try."
                                              22. My Sex Professor 

                                              "Mission: We aim to help you learn how to have better sex and optimal sexual health and pleasure. Toward this goal, we want you to have top-notch information about sex, your body, other people’s bodies, communication, relationships, tips, tricks, techniques, gender, sexual orientation, sex research, health and wellness, and the latest and greatest sexual enhancement products. We’re here to help, to educate and to entertain."
                                                23. The Body is Not an Apology 

                                                "Mission: The Body Is Not an Apology is a resource to promote, demonstrate, and assist in the development of a global movement toward radical self love and body empowerment. We believe that each time one of us unapologetically owns our beauty, loves our scars, heals our shame; we in turn give others permission to do the same! We believe that discrimination, social inequality and injustice are manifestations of our inability to make peace with the body, our own and others. Through education, personal transformation projects and community building, The Body is Not an Apology fosters global, radical, unapologetic self love which translates to radical human action in service toward a more just and compassionate world."
                                                  24. Sex Nerd Sandra 

                                                  "Currently, Sandra works and teaches at an adult boutique in Los Angeles. She enjoys teaching workshops to curious couples and singles on a wide range of topics. When not facilitating sexually-charged laughter for large crowds, she enjoys sassy and meaningful discussionswith her coaching clients."
                                                    25. Rachel Kramer Bussel 

                                                    "Rachel Kramer Bussel is a New York-based author, editor, blogger and event organizer. Rachel conducts reading and erotic writing workshops worldwide."
                                                      26. Early to Bed 

                                                      "Early to Bed is a feminist sex toy shop in Chicago. Women-owned and oriented, boy and trans-friendly, the store has a relaxed atmosphere that is different from your average sex shop."
                                                        27. Tristan Taormino 

                                                        "Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, and sex educator. She is the author of seven books and editor of twenty-five anthologies, including founding series editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning Best Lesbian Erotica. She runs her own adult film production company, Smart Ass Productions, and she has directed and produced twenty-four adult films. She was a syndicated sex columnist for The Village Voice for nine and a half years, and writes an advice column for Taboo Magazine. She is the host of “Sex Out Loud” on The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. She lectures at top colleges and universities and teaches sex and relationship workshops around the world."
                                                          28. Petra Joy Films 

                                                          "Porn from a female perspective!"
                                                            29. Megan Stubbs 

                                                            "Dr. Megan Stubbs is a Grand Rapids-based Sexologist. She holds a doctor of education in Human Sexuality from San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a degree in Biology from Grand Valley State University. She is also Board Certified by the American College of Sexologists (ACS)." 
                                                              30. Sexual Intelligence Blog

                                                              "Sex -- and Culture, Politics, the Media -- and Sex, by Dr. Marty Klein"

                                                              Comments, questions or other recommendations we missed? Comment below!

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