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3 Ways to Communicate Sexual Gratitude

Alright ladies, we have all had those days. Your partner just isn't pleasing you. It's hard to say what you want and your subtle hints are too subtle. Now you're left unsatisfied. What should you do? From GetLusty to you, here are 3 ways to help your lover please you--with sexual gratitude for what he's done to date. Saying what a great job he's done (or she's done, indeed) can go a long way in them wanting to improve. GetLusty staff writer Crimson Love reports.

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#1 Tell them

Let's say you're making love with your partner. He does something that you really, really like but doesn't keep doing it. Why? He didn't catch the hint when you moaned louder.

What do you do? Tell him! Sometimes men are not the best, shall we say, at picking up indirect hints. You could say "Ooh! Baby, that feels so good, keep doing that." Alternatively, "Oh! I really, really like that". These testaments are straight forward and encouraging all at once. They support him in pleasuring you. They reassure men they're doing the right thing because sometimes your partner can wonder.

#2 Get flirty... sext!

Another great solution to help your man (or woman, indeed) to get the hint is, be flirty about it. While you're at work, send him a dirty little text message or an email (as long as your e-mails aren't  monitored by your company). Tell him exactly what you want him to do to you. You could say, "Baby, I've been thinking about you all day and the thoughts are getting me excited. Later tonight when we get home I want you to do X, Y, and Z to me." Don't be afraid to get specific, let him know he wont regret it and you will return the favor.

#3 Make food afterwards (it might be corny, but it works!)

I am not saying you need to regress back to the 1950s. It's kind of a fact that men (like women) love to eat good food. My friends and I have used this practice widely to communicate our sexual appreciation.

We provide "incentive" A.K.A, "food love". Let's say, your partner has been pretty mediocre in bed until last night when he blew your mind! It was amazing.

Now how do you get him to keep doing that and keep upping his game? Feed him. Yes ladies. Feed your man. After an amazing romp, cook him an extra delicious dinner or bake him something super decadent and amazing. It doesn't have to be a cake. Even something as simple as a BLT sandwich (vegan or otherwise) could also work well.

When he asks why, tell him it's a thank you for such an amazingly wild and beautiful sex session. Not only will he be thankful for the delicious yummy pleasures but he will also keep trying to please you the way you want/need.

When it comes to communication in or about the bedroom, I keep it honest and tactful with a hint of TLC for good measure.

This is a guest post by our very own Crimson Love.

Crimson is our resident fetish expert and loves talking about and having amazing sex. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

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