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Erotic Spanking: 9 Ways to Make it Hotter (NSFW)

If you read the first part of this series, Erotic Spanking: Positions and Toys, you've got a great idea about where to start your erotic spanking adventure! Do you want to take it a step further? In this second installment Rachel will explain different ways to build up the excitement with spanking-related foreplay, what kind of clothing works best or looks sexiest, and some great examples of different sexy scenarios to act out with your spanking! 

Remember, always get consent before introducing erotic play like spanking into your bedroom repertoire. As always we recommend you check out our negotiation 101 article before jumping to any kind of new sexy scenario. Our amazing Rachel Colias reports.


While spanking can be considered foreplay in itself, there are quite a few ways to really get the blood flowing before the spanking begins. Believe it or not there are people out there who can orgasm solely from the spanking, so we want to help prolong the excitement!

#1 Rub before you spank!  

Rubbing the spankee’s buttocks, generally causing a warm sensation and sometimes a pink coloring of the skin being rubbed, can be a great precursor to the spanking. If the spankee doesn’t want to be warned about when the spanking will begin, this is also a great way to really build the tension and excitement. At what point is the rubbing going to turn into spanking?

#2 Remove their clothes slowly

If you’re anything like me, the slow removing of a person’s clothes is just as exciting as any physical foreplay. If the spankee is wearing a skirt or dress over panties, it could be incredibly pleasurable for the spanker to lift, move, or remove the clothes themselves while the spankee is in position. It’s just as exciting as unwrapping a present!

#3 Dirty talk

If you’re participating in the spanking as part of a role play, talking dirty or setting the scene is a great way to start! But more on role play scenarios later.

#4 Give them a hand job or some head! 

Considering how close the spanker already is to the spankee’s genitals, why not warm-up the old-fashioned way? Rubbing the clitoris of a female-bodied person or introducing a dildo or vibrator can be an incredibly arousing way to prepare them for the spanking. Some may even want to orgasm beforehand! The same goes for male-bodied people; a lube-based hand job or performing fellatio is a great way to get started.


The following costumes can be used for almost any sexual scenario or act, but have specific attributes that make them especially appropriate for spanking!

#5 Leather and spandex

As one would imagine, kink and BDSM culture play a part in erotic spanking. Outfits made from leather and latex are great for spanking, especially considering how tight they usually are. The tightness can allow for great over-the-clothes spanking and the materials resemble the toys themselves!

#6 Chaps

Anything with an open backside! That includes leather assless chaps and what’s considered “spanking skirts.” These skirts, as you can imagine, strap around the waist and thighs leaving the backside exposed. Dresses and standard skirts are great, too, when it comes to easy access.

#7 Sexy undies 

Considering what body part is being put on display for a spanking, any sort of sexy underwear-crotchless panties, ruffled panties, lace panties, thongs, etc-works just fine! The important thing to remember is to really show off your assets! Pun intended.

As I’ll outline soon, costumes relating to role play scenarios really heat things up too.

Role Play

Anyone who has ever experimented with role play or tried acting out fantasies knows how much fun they can be. The brain is one of your most erogenous zones and when you include that fantasy aspect with sex, well, it’s insanely amazing. And believe me, there are some great fantasies out there for you spankophiles!

#8 Dominance/submission

The dominant/submissive is great for spanking considering the power structure and exchange. With consent, of course, the spanker is in an incredibly dominant position while being bent over or restrained is incredibly fun for a submissive.

#9 Discipline 

Have you been bad? You deserve a spanking! Discipline is so much fun to play around with because there are so many potential scenarios!

A. You’re being sent to the principal
B. You’ve misbehaved at Catholic school
C. You were pulled over by a police officer and they just have to handcuff you
D. You’re being punished for orgasming before your dominant gave you permission
E. You broke one of “Daddy’s” rules

The possibilities are endless! But remember, you “deserve” the punishment.

Erotic spanking is great for so many reasons. Whether you’re a full-blown spankophile or have always wanted to give it a try, the levels of spanking range all over the pain-spectrum and the situation can always be adjusted for your and your partner’s comfort. If anything I’ve outlined get’s you a little hot and heavy, you should definitely give it a try!

This article was written by Rachel Colias. She’s currently getting her bachelors in English and Women’s and Gender studies and feels especially passionate about advocating for the importance of consent and communication.

Her hobbies include shopping for new vibrators, playing roller derby, and getting tattoos her mom doesn’t approve of. When she’s not writing for GetLusty or doing homework, she’s playing with her bearded dragon Terrance and you can generally find her reading comic books with her loving boyfriend of six years or eating pizza and watching Netflix. You can find and follow her Tumblr blog hereHave any questions? Email her at!
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