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Erotic Story! 50-Shades of the Unexpected Orgasm

We first came upon Dr. Limor on accident and have been so glad we did. The second in her series of erotic stories (check out her first 50-shades inspired erotic story), Dr. Limor is an awesome writer and we love her erotic stories! Sunday is probably the best day to enjoy these stories, so we thought we'd add a little to your foreplay today with a sultry story.

* * *

A friend of mine told me about a well-established producer holding auditions in his house. I have been an aspiring actress since high school, so naturally this opportunity seemed just right for me. For the sake of disclosure, I do realize that given the auditions taking place at his house, it probably has to do with more than reading lines but the GPS takes me to his address.

I check my makeup in the mirror and tell myself, “You’ll ace it. this is nothing, walk in the park!". As I approach the front gate, I hear sounds from the back yard. The voyeur in me can’t help it and I’m forced to sneak quietly and take a peek.

I lean against the wall to avoid being seen and can’t believe my eyes: four very sexy women, two are blond, one brunette and one black, are playing insane sexual pleasuring games together. The two blondes have the brunette wide open on the floor next to the pool; they’re caressing her large breasts, licking her nipples and alternately massaging her wet vagina that looks engorged and sensitive.

The left blond shifts her lips, kisses the brunette passionately. Then, signals her "accomplice” to take charge of the brunette’s upper body, as she slowly crawls down, intensely licking her bottom lips, pushing her fingers in her quivering vagina and anus. The brunette growls and moans uncontrollably, as team blond keeps pleasuring her curvaceous body.

After a while, bottom blond jumps up and quickly walks toward the cabana. The black girl is playing with a large vibrator, pushing it in hard into her vagina while glaring at the playing trio. She appears blurry eyed and very close to an orgasm, as she rubs her nipples and moans.

I’m so turned on and soaking wet at this point, that I sit myself down on the ground, taking off my thong and start playing with my clit. I can’t control it! I’m totally heterosexual, but this female on female act is driving me off the wall, and I just want to be taken by these women.

Dominant blond returns with a huge butt plug. The brunette raises her body, kissing both women and gets on all fours, spreading her sizzling thighs apart.

The blondes are kissing, checking the wetness of their play object down on the floor, and spray the plug with what seems like a scented oil lubricant. Dominant blonde starts pushing the plug into the brunette’s tight anus, as her partner caresses her clit, to ease penetration. The brunette squirms in agonizing pleasure, shifting her behind back towards the enormous plug splitting her ass apart. The black woman, loving the new act notes “Oh yes, fuck her tight ass, please fuck her hard” she finishes with a glorious orgasm. The brunette is more comfortable and wide now, craving that big dildo, as team blonde speeds up penetration.

I lie on the dirt, grabbing my nipple and caressing my swollen clit till I can’t take it! I’m just about to cum, as I notice them shooting the plug out of the brunette’s tight hole. Her ass is gaping with anticipation as they admire it and lick it for the finale. This visual sends me over the edge and I cum, gasping quietly, holding my immense need to scream in pleasure.

I lie paralyzed in a sweet pool of my own secretions, I miss the final act and just listen as team blonde has the brunette climax intensely! Minutes pass, the party takes it in the house and I’m forced to peel myself of the ground and clean up. “What the hell am I doing? I forgot all about the interview and just about anything else I had planned for the day”. I check my phone, no missed calls. I guess I’m not that late if no one called.

I put my panties in my bag, my short dress tightens over my sweaty body ,my nipples threaten to tear it off. Ten minutes later, after a short stop in my car to reapply moisturizer and lipstick, I notice the black girl and the brunette leaving together, giggling. I lower myself in my seat, they don’t notice me.

I wait for them to leave and march confidently towards the front door. A few minutes pass, I’m almost ready to leave, as the dominant blonde opens the door in a small white towel.

“Hi honey, are you here for the audition? Come in, don’t be shy”. She takes my hand and welcomes me in the house.

“Yes. Is George home? I think our meeting was scheduled for 4:00 pm” I answer.

“Yes, I’m sure he’ll be here soon, come sit down on the sofa, let me get you some water, you look flushed. Are you OK?”. She puts her cool hand on my face, I feel my nipples erect again.

I sit down crossing my legs. When she comes back with a glass of water, she notices my bare bottom under the dress. Her eyes open wide and she smiles. “Here beautiful, let me get my friend, we work closely with George, we can talk about the scenes you’re auditioning for, until he gets here, ok?”

She leaves the room and comes back with blonde # 2 that shakes my hand and sits beside me.

“You know it’s a sensual, nude scene. Right?“ Dominant blonde asks. I nod as they corner me on opposite sides.

“Do you mind if we examine your figure? Only if you’re comfortable, it can simply shorten procedure, as George is looking for a very specific body type” she explains. I agree and get up. “So, what now? Should I just take off my dress?” I ask.

“Sure, whenever you’re ready honey”.

I stand before my blonde audience, lift my dress over my head, wearing only my high heels.

“Oh, wow honey. You’re hot, that’s great. Don’t you think baby?” The dominant blonde looks at her accomplice, while caressing her face. I feel exposed and uncomfortable, but so shockingly aroused.

“You look very swollen, can I look sweetheart?” the dominant blonde asks and pulls me closer to the sofa. Her hand opens my bottom lips, I release an uncontrollable moan. “Sit on the sofa baby, let us help you,” team blonde is slowly positioning me on the sofa and spreads my legs wide apart. “What beautiful holes you have honey, do you mind if we pleasure you? You’ll like it, I promise”.

I’m nailed to my seat, breathing heavily as they start caressing my entire body, pushing their finger in me and pinching my nipples. It feels like an out of body experience, I’m gazing at myself being pleasured by these women and craving every minute of it. I can’t believe I’m so turned on, minutes after cumming.

Blonde # 2 leaves the room for a minute and returns with two double ended dildos. “You know what we’ll do now baby? We’ll double penetrate you, you’ll love it. Don’t worry, we’ll use plenty of lube, and you do seem quite gaped. Did you just get fucked before coming here?”

The mere sound of her dirty talk ravishes me, I’m speechless and charged like never before.

Dominant blond positions me between them, lying on my side like a blow up doll. Blond #2 pushes one side of the dildo into her vagina and the other side into mine, I pant with excitement and anticipation. I can’t see dominant blond behind me, but hear her releasing a groan, penetrating her anus. I can’t wait for them to start abusing my aching body, as I feel a rush of splitting, pleasuring pain, anally tearing me apart. They both start moving inside me, moaning, grabbing my clit and my nipples, kissing my neck and eager lips. “Oh god, you’re torturing me,“ I scream in the heat of passion. They speed up, fucking my holes until I’m ready to explode.

"I’m cummimg, I’m cumming,” I whisper, exhausted and exploited in this immense wonder of pain and pleasure. As I cum, I rub my clit. A splash of hot clear squirt comes flying out of me, covering my entire body with a warm captivating sensation.

Dr. Limor Blockman is a world-renowned clinical sex counselor, practicing as a relationship and family counselor, a sex educator, advice columnist, speaker and author. She holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, an MA in public health and community medicine, and a BA in psychology and behavioral sciences. She has published three bestselling books (published in Hebrew) and reaches people worldwide through print, TV, radio, Internet and video. Find out more about Limor through her websiteFacebook or follow her on Twitter @DoctorLimor.
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