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Podcast! Dan and Jennifer on Romance & Intimacy

Dan and Jennifer Baritchi have impacted the lives of millions of individuals and couples through their successful online venture, Serial entrepreneurs to the core, we had to ask them about their secrets for today's busy couples. Read more & listen to the podcast!

More on what we talked about:
  • Where did Dan and Jennifer get their start? They began by creating an online dating site which evolved into an online love and sex advice forum.
  • How did they meet? At work! Dan & Jennifer both worked in technology and IT before becoming a couple and transitioning to the world of love and sex.
  • A fun exercise Dan & Jennifer recommend for couples to help with communication? Write down things you want to experiment with sexually, put them in a "fantasy box," and occasionally pull them out to try.
  • With such busy schedules, how do Dan & Jennifer make time for romance? By scheduling a weekend away. It's better to have quality sex when you can find the time than to have rushed sex every night, they say.
  • So what are some of the 1,001 best places to have sex in America? Some of the best places, Dan and Jennifer believe, are right in your own home — have sex everywhere that's not the bedroom!
  • Why the focus on couples at There are a lot of sites for helping people find dates, but less for those who are already in relationships seeking an open, nonjudgmental forum.
More about Dan & Jennifer:

Ask Dan & Jennifer is a very popular and respected Love & Sex show, advice column, online magazine, and relationship support community: touching millions of lives every month in a healthy and positive way.
Their mission is to help people create conscious relationships based on love and acceptance rather than fear, jealousy, anger and ownership. It's time to move on from outdated ideas about love and sex.

Apart from their website and YouTube show, Dan and Jennifer have landed various media spots in publications and on TV. They also have three published books available on Connect with Dan & Jennifer on, or find them on social media such as Facebook and Twitter @DanAndJennifer.
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