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Try This! Yoga Dick

Not for the faint of heart, GetLusty is all about pushing boundaries, including getting more from sex positions. So how about athletic sex positions?

Disclaimer: If you're not athletic, don't try this position. If it hurts, please don't continue. Try a different version or different position--we have so many options!

How to get into it

This one is for the advanced lover. It's an athletic position that will require some maneuvering. However, why not? It's just plain fun. Also, an added benefit is relief from bad posture that happens sometimes in our everyday life. How? It offers a great workout that inspires the receiver (on the top) to open up their shoulders.

To start off, the giver (bottom) should lay on the ground below the ottoman. They should be erect at this point. Not erect? A loving blowjob is the best way to get it there. After, the receiver (on top) should put their feet on the ottoman and hands on the ground. Then, lift yourself up with your shoulders. The giver can put their hands on your ass to guide in the process, and start off! For the receiver: feel free to go as slow, deep or hard as you please.

Benefits for the giver
  • Rolling your pelvis across the ground on a carpet could give you carpet burn. But sometimes pain is pleasure.
  • Doing it on a yoga mat instead on the floor? You're doing a lot less work. Enjoy the break for a minute.
  • You're making love. Enjoy the moment!
  • This move looks like it came out of pornography. Here, you can both pretend you're acting in a porn (even potentially film yourselves if comfortable)
  • Talked to your partner during sex lately? Take this opportunity to voice your attraction while your mate is on top of you.
Benefits for the receiver
  • This will be an awesome workout!
  • Try lifting off slowly at first, grinding your butt into your partner's hips 
  • Long hair? You might want to put it back. Unless you like your hair pulled. In which case, try that out. You might like it.
  • Want to take a mini-break? This position moves quickly into one where you lie your feet flat on the floor for better leverage
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