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How Common Is Anal Sex?

As we've noted before, one of the most common questions around sex is, "Am I normal?" Some people--women and men alike--enjoy anal sex. So how common is this practice? GetLusty for Couples staff writer Traci Saiz is here to talk about the frequency of this sometimes taboo topic.

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You may have heard that anal is considered “dirty” or “taboo” and no one does it. But how true is that really? At GetLusty, we figured you and your partner may be wondering; just how common is anal sex? The truth is a surprising amount of couples regularly try anal. Whether you do, don’t, or happen to be curious: here is the 411 on anal pleasure. Many couples are asking, are we the only ones? Well the numbers are in and we are happy to announce: anal sex is on the rise!

A 2008 report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 36% of straight women and 44% of straight men admitted to having tried anal sex at least once in their lives. These statistics are higher than those reported by the Kinsey Institute Study conducted from 1948-1953. The late study reported 11% of males engaged in heterosexual anal sex. The increase shows a positive perspective on anal pleasure.

Whether you are hetero, homo or bisexual everyone can enjoy anal and there is nothing taboo about it! You know you are at least a little curious... so go ahead! More people are enjoying it every day and even if anal isn’t your favorite thing it’s at least another way to add some variety to your (already steamy) sex life.

So just how much fun can anal sex be?

Both men and women can experience a new sensation from performing anal sex. Your man likely really wants to try anal! You don’t need to jump right into it. Try a relaxing massage or warm soothing bubble bath to start things off. Then see where the evening takes you. Try a finger or two just to see how your partner feels, grab some lube and go slow and easy. For pegging, try our simple 10 step how-to. Anal can be very sensual and sexy.

Communicate during sex where your comfort levels are throughout and be open to the experience. The best thing about anal sex is the new exploration of pleasure for both of you. Keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to engage in anal stimulation, including: beads, fingers, etc. You can also incorporate toys for some extra fun.

Anal has potential to be painful and even awkward; be it your first time, or you perform anal on the regular, it is something to keep in mind. The trick is to ease into it, keep communication open and ask your partner their thoughts beforehand. Go slow, relax, have fun, and get into it. Anal is not scary or dirty. However, one may feel intimidated and insecure when performing anal sex. This is why communication is important. Keep your partner in the know on how you feel about the situation, during and after. Be sure you are both on the same page, comfortable and ready.

Anal may not be everyone’s cup of tea but those of us who do love it, really love it! Give it a try; don’t be shy, let go of you inhibitions and uncertainties. You never know how much pleasure you both can have until you give it a go. The next best thing to your orgasm is the closeness and openness you two share in knowing you can be completely comfortable together, even if it gets messy. Trying something new will only open up new adventures and excitement for you both to share.

Nothing is taboo in the bedroom (or wherever you have your fun). Whatever you and your partner are into is sure to be sexy, special between you, and never to be ashamed of. Anal is just another avenue to explore and have fun with. Keep in mind the polls are in and anal is another sexy position couples are raving about. So, whether it’s your first time trying it or your 100th, enjoy!

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Traci Saiz is a Southern California native but a Chicago girl at heart. She has a B.A. in Marketing and mentors on the side. She is a sports fanatic, a fun-seeking traveler, and passionate in nature especially when it comes to sex. She believes sex is a key element in a relationship and it doesn’t have to be “movie” sex but it has to be fun! She is not afraid to bare her dirty secrets (actually she doesn’t seem to have any). This gal is definitely not shy and loves to discuss relationships and sex with anyone and everyone! Follow Traci on twitter @TraciAlaina or find her on Pinterest.
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