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5 Reasons Why Woman Cheat

When one thinks of a cheating spouse, usually it's of a man. But women cheat, too. In fact, according to the National Science Foundationmore married women are cheating on their husbands than ever before. Why? GetLusty advocate Dawn Michael MFT of the Happy Spouse is here to answer just this. Do you fear your spouse is cheating? Do e-mail us at We're here to keep couples together and promote amazing sexual relationships.

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Women reasons are slightly different then mens' 

The reasons a woman cheats may be different than why a man cheats. In this article we will look at the psychology reasons of why a women cheats. There are more women cheating in a marriage than statically calculated and that is because woman cheat differently than men and the men that woman are cheating with are less likely to blow their cover.

If the woman can keep her emotions in check with the man that she is having the affair with, he will most likely not pressure her to get out of the marriage or cause a problem in the marriage for her. Women are capable of this type of relationship. However, typically when this happens she will also begin to emotionally leave the marriage as well. A man can have an affair for the sole purpose of having sex. Whereas, only some woman might be able to do that.

Normally, a woman is more at risk for getting emotionally involved. Men are much better at placing their feeling aside and getting on with their day, whereas a woman will allow her emotions to take over and the relationship she is having outside the marriage can eventually consume her thoughts.

When a man does finally take notice that his wife has become distant and aloof and then suggests marriage counseling nine times out of ten it will be too late to save the marriage. When a woman cheats in a marriage it is typically much more devastating on the marriage than when a man cheats because of the emotional attachment.

Without ado, below are the five main reasons why a woman will cheat in a marriage.

#1 She's lonely

This woman may be married to a man who travels frequently for work, or in the military. He may also be just a man that is not emotionally available and unemotional in the marriage. The wife feels all alone and will look for someone who she can connect with on an emotional level. Eventually this may lead to a sexual affair, but even without sex, emotional cheating has already begun.

#2 She's not attracted to her spouse

This is a woman who probably has an active sex drive and needs to find enjoyment outside of the marriage. She could have possibly married her husband for money and not love. She has gotten bored with the relationship and is looking to have a little fun.

This type of cheating is most likely less emotionally involved and more about the excitement and sexual pleasure. This type of cheating is not one that is going to end a marriage and she may have numerous affairs through the life of the marriage. This type of woman is crafty and capable of emotionally shutting down when she needs to. Unless caught, she'll continue to casually cheat.

#3 Her husband puts her down

This is a woman who has been beaten down by her husband. He may be controlling over her or overly critical of her. If this woman worked outside the house, she may look for a man that can save her. She could actually be prey to another controlling man if she does not deal with her insecurity issues and problems at home. This is a very bad situation when children are involved.

#3 She wants/needs to escape

This may be a woman who is overwhelmed with her life. Too much responsibility, kids, home, husband, work, no time to herself and always giving and not getting in return. She may look to another man for distraction from her life, a way to slip out of reality and into a fantasy world. This could involve chatting on the computer, intimate phone calls and last minute getaway's. This can be both an emotional and sexual type of affair. The warning signs of this happening are usually quite evident if a man pays attention.

#5 She's living in a sexless marriage

Women have a sex drive too! The fact is women are perceived as 'not enjoying sex' or 'not wanting to have sex' with their husbands. This is not based on factual information for husbands; maybe the wife has rejected the husband one or more times and the husband shuts down. Either way, there are just as many women as men that enjoy a healthy sex life. When a husband is no longer wanting to have sex with his wife or sexually pleasing her, she may go outside the marriage for a sexual relationship. She may still be in love with her husband but is tired of living in a sexless marriage.
This is a post by Dawn Michael MFT. Dawn is an International Certified Clinical Sexologist and Marriage Counselor specializing in helping individuals and couples to have a healthy sex life, through communication, solution based counseling and home assignments. Visit her website The Happy Spouse for more information or to get in touch with Dawn. Find her on Twitter @SexCounseling.
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