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Try This! The Naughty Tango

Several of us at GetLusty have tried this one and loved it! We have a bias: we adore dancing and shaking our groove thang. That's why we're going to have a surprise dance stunt including a group in their undergarments. But enough about our dirty little secrets. We're here to talk about sex.

How to get into it

It's just like the tango, sans clothing. Just step up to your partner, and wrap one leg around. Your partner can place an arm underneath your leg or embrace you.

Benefit for the giver
  • Check out your hot partner. You have yet another chance to say how very gorgeous your lover is! 
  • Provide the physical support for you both. Plant both your feet firmly on the floor and increase trust in your relationship.
  • Make sure you're leaning back and don't slip out too far. You may be more likely to fall out in this position.
  • Free hand? Lick your fingers and gently massage your lover's nipples in circles. Ask to personalize the speed and tenacity. Some nipples are more or less sensitive, so always ask.
  • Leaning back? Hello, ab workout!
Benefits for the receiver
  • Balance much? Try having sex on one leg! Your yoga mat will thank you!
  • Make sure you're leaning back. If this position isn't hitting your G-spot, there are several other variations of this positions we also recommend. (For example, the same position, but in reverse, your partner comes from behind you).
  • If your lover is tall and you aren't, make sure you're standing on a chair or stool to help you reach. 
  • Leaning back? Hello, ab workout!
  • Let your partner support you, and talk dirty! In this position, you can tell each other little dirty things and see your reactions in real time (without having to look back or say, "whaat?"). 
We also recommend the other positions below, as well. We have a whole collection of positions! Check out our full catalog of sex positions

Our other sex position faves:
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