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Gents! 7 Tips for Amazing Masturbation

Male masturbation. It's been around since the beginning of time. Around 61% of men say they masturbate (what are those other 39% doing, seriously?!). So for the majority of men, do you have techniques that work for you? How about doing it better? GetLusty writer Ryan McCarthy reports on his favorite techniques, and several new ones to make your masturbation the best--ever.

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At this point, it doesn't even matter anymore. Men masturbate, end of story. Either way, masturbation feels very nice the majority of the time. There are a few things that can be explored to make it more exciting. There are so many benefits of male masturbation. So how about doing it better? Below are some recommendations I've used to make my masturbation sessions mind blowing.

#1 Use the Right Lube

Lubricant. It's not just for your car! If you're circumsized, you've likely already taken advantage of this lovely sexual aid. If you're uncircumsized, take heed! Since we have already agreed that we like to masturbate frequently, use this as a good excuse to try out new lubes and find the one that feels best for you. There are a few things to take into consideration, such as skin allergies. Water based lubes will eventually evaporate and dry out, but a few drops more along the way will reaccelerate your hands. As the name states, these are easy to wash off, so don't use these in the shower. Silicone based lubes do not contain any water and do last longer because of that fact. In the end, lube is driven by personal preference as there are many manufacturers of each type and all differ slightly. You can also try warming lubes, organic lubes, or even Vaseline (good in the shower).

#2 Switch up the setting

I don't really know how other gents set the scene for the big date with themselves, but I have a general idea. It probably involves sitting in front of a TV or computer, lube close by, Kleenex or towel even closer by and porn (feminist porn?) in the background. What about the memories of particular encounters? Doctor or lesbian fantasies? Do they ever play out in your mind? Surely they must as we are all passionate and can be stimulated by erotic memory from time to time. Try eyes closed, lying on your back in bed and think about something hot you have been a part of or would love to be a part of. What about your partner drives you really crazy? Channel those visuals and ride the wave!

#3 "The Stranger"

An oldie' but a goodie. You may be familiar with the movement, but not the term. Try using your opposite hand and flip it around 180 degrees. It kinda-sorta-just-barely-enough feels as though someone else is stroking for you.

Plus, it is a different sensation simply due to the fact that your hand is hitting different spots on your penis. Give your opposite hand a stripper name and have some fun with it! Just don't forget to occasionally tell your partner about your fantasies.

#4 Scrotum massage

With your free hand, lightly (or more deeply) massage your scrotum. As you begin to become aroused, even a light touch on the scrotum can be highly arousing. Alternatively, and to accompany the massage of your balls, also use fabrics to aid in the massage. What's been coined as the, "fabric effect." If you have any fabrics (think: silk scarves or even restraints) that may come in to play during "actual" sex, use those as an added toy. Let the material play around on your balls, legs and the base of your penis. You will enjoy it.

#5 Film yourself

It doesn't necessarily have to be shared with anyone and you may not even watch it, but, the mere thought of someone somewhere getting off on you getting off is pretty hot. If you were to share or post this video on Xtube or something similar, there is a real possibility of getting some views and fun comments too. I would like to think girls like to watch guys masturbate, though the majority of views may be from men. This is a turn on for some, not so much with others, but is still a new way to introduce another tool for arousal and to achieve a monster climax. Surely you have a webcam?

#6 Take a break for a few days

As good as it feels to release, letting it build up can give intense male orgasms. The only downside? It may be a shorter session from start to finish. But look at the bright side, it can easily be followed by another, and another and then 'real' sex. Make sure you don't go overboard with the self-love that when the real thing comes along your energy and drive are sapped. While there has been much debate on masturbation addictions, there is an upper limit. Always keep something in reserve.

#7 Carefully hold your breath at climax

As you feel that inevitable rush of sensation approaching, when you just can not hold out any longer and the time to come has arrived, take a deep breath. Hold your breath as you hold back the orgasm as long as you can. Release the breath a very few short seconds after you pop and believe me you will thank me in the morning. Be very careful with breath control as it can cause light headedness as well as so called "head rushes." Annie Sprinkle talked extensively on breathing and sex. Use your brain wisely, don't cut off the oxygen completely.

The alternative here is alternate your breathing. In Tantric sex, couples (and individuals) use breathing to achieve oneness and for a variety of other benefits. Not sure about tantric breathing? Check out this breathing technique: Inhale deeply into your abdomen, focusing on a point 2 inches below the navel and as you exhale focus on the crown at the top of your head. You can intensify the exercise by exhaling with a loud guttural sigh.

Another tantric breathing technique: Rhythmic breathing. Here, placing your hand over your navel, inhaling slowly and fully to the count of 4 and exhaling at the same rhythm. It sounds easier than it actually is. What most people will notice is that their breath stops short of their diaphragm. Just relax and don’t force your breath into your abdomen. As you grow more accustomed to breathing in this way, you will begin to open up channels, allowing the energy to reach your lower belly.

#7.5 Find a Partner and Ask for an Extra Hand or Two

A helping hand is a great assistance, indeed.

Men will never stop masturbating. Never, ever. Not when we get married, not when we get old and not even if our arms are amputated. Keep it healthy, keep yourself hygienically clean and always have a tissue near by. The stroke must go on.

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Born in conservative Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ryan grew up and out of his Catholic upbringing in his early teens. Finally having the chance to explore life in a more open way, he began playing in metal bands and lusting after girls. After many years of metal and lust, it was time to relax a bit and focus on some other things. A life long reader, Ryan now is working on his own book dealing with the church, water fluoridation, Love/Fear, sacred geometry, human relationships and freedom from tyranny. Now a business consultant, he spends his spare time working at a local theatre, staying miles away from Facebook and writing his crazy blog. Ryan is available for speaking gigs and can be contacted via his blog.
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