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Ladies! 5 Ways to Orgasm More Intensely

We've written lots of articles on orgasms. We even dedicated October to Orgasms. about how to give intense orgasms. So what can be better than orgasming? Making those orgasms over the top. If you are already having great orgasms, here are a few steps you can take to make them even better. GetLusty staff writer, Milan Weasley reports.

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This article is very important for all the ladies out there. Have you ever been in a place where your orgasms aren't amazing? Try these ideas on for size! Without ado, 5 ways to orgasm more intensely.

#1 Kegels

Work out your kegel muscles. The stronger these muscles are, the more sensitive you will be vaginally, during intercourse. They increase circulation in your genital area. Your kegel muscles or pubococcygeus muscles (PC) include your clitoris, G-spot, and even some areas of your thighs. You can locate these muscles by squeezing to stop the flow of urination.

Empty your bladder and start to squeeze and hold these muscles. Squeezing in short pulses and longer intervals will strengthen the muscles. Remember don't preform these exercises while urinating. Repeatedly stoping the flow can cause reflux, and send urine back up your urethra. I recommend doing these exercises every time you finish using the bathroom. With discipline you can strengthen these muscles so much you may be able to orgasm by flexing them.

#2 Breathe

We love Kegels so much, we wrote an entire article on how to do Kegels, and also Kegel toys. Breathing brings more oxygen into your bloodstream. Consciously, controlling your breathing will immediately enhance your sexual experiences. Controlling your breathing soothes tension and brings more life and energy to your cells.

Panting promotes arousal and sexual excitability. Pant from your stomach, not your throat. Sometimes, this just happens involuntarily -- but make it a point to focus on your breathe. Breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose slows the build of erotic sensation. Curl your tongue or press it against the roof of your mouth. Breathe in and hold your breath. Exhale through your nose. It's also a cooling breath.

#3 Anticipate

Orgasms aren't all about the finish line. The journey is just as important. The more anticipation that is built up on the road to orgasm, the bigger the release. It slows and stretches things out. Either way you work this, both parties will have the chance to build anticipation. Tension orgasms are shorter and less intense. It involves holding your breath and squeezing/tensing your muscles. When you relax and make the road to orgasm last longer, the end will be a more intense, bigger, and longer release.

This anticipation doesn't begin and end in the bedroom. Send each other erotic pictures. Describe what you want in text messages. Set up a surprise homemade dinner or bubble bath to soak in. You can build anticipation during sex. Get to the brink of orgasm and switch positions. The tension will build up and it has to be released. That orgasmic release will get bigger the more you delay it.

#4 Explore

There are areas on a woman's body that are also sensitive before and during sex. In the lips, tongue, neck, and shoulders there are millions of nerve endings. They are very sensitive to touching and kissing. There are erogenous zones all over a woman's body. Trying new positions will up the pleasure. And even new locations. Having sex in 'dangerous' places or in thrill-seeking ways will release dopamine-which is also released during orgasm. So adding more increases the intensity. Even in a different room in your living space!

Let your partner whisper in your ears. The ears are a link straight to one of the body's most sensitive areas during stimulation, the brain. Gently blowing on the ears will send shivers down your spine. The neck is just as sensitive. Light kisses and bites will be just as exciting.

Your scalp is sensitive as well. Each strand of hair is attached to it by a nerve ending. Meaning there are thousands of opportunities to deliver more stimulation.

And during orgasm, let your partner gently pull your hair. Pulling your hair surprisingly releases endorphins, which will increase your orgasm.

#5 Relax

Your mind is the first thing to relax. Don't focus on delivering mind blowing orgasms. The pressure can be overwhelming. Especially if you aren't successful. Performance anxiety can exist in the bedroom and can lead to all types of problems. Relaxation is the solution to stress. The focus should be on your connection with your partner. Focus on the passion of your love and your attraction. Relaxation will make both of your bodies better able to orgasm.

You can have all the tricks in the world, but if your thoughts are elsewhere and you aren't relaxed, you won't be able to orgasm. Communication during sex can help with relaxing also. If you don't trust your partner, or vice versa, you won't be completely open. Keep the lines of communication open. Giving your body to your partner, includes giving your mind and trust just as much. Focus on the moment and not on other activities. We even have tips on staying in the moment sexually!

This is another wonderful post by GetLusty staff writer and lover of amazing orgasms, Milan Weasley. She's pretty amazing. In fact, Milan is one of GetLusty for Couples' first lesbian writers. (Ah! Dykes and dildos!) She spends her days procrastinating grad school and her nights procrastinating everything else. She enjoys writing, gogo dancing, sewing, pole dancing, and defending the Oxford comma.

Questions, comments or article ideas? Get in touch with Milan at or on her Tumblr.
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