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5 Lesbian Sex Tips to Make Foreplay Fabulous

As we're branching out to represent more couples, we also want to let couples know how we can help each other. For instance, who wouldn't love to learn cunnilingus technique from a lesbian? Gents and ladies alike--this is a valuable skill. One that needs to be honed! These are lesbian sex secrets brought to you by GetLusty's lesbian writer, Milan Weasley.

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Lesbian sex is intense. Whether this is your first try, you're a pro, or you're part of a straight couple wanting to change things up, these are tips to heat up any bedroom.

#1 Get comfortable!

On average, it takes a woman 15-40 minutes to reach orgasm. So whether you're partaking in cunnilingus or intercourse, be prepared to invest some time. I find that once I only realize I'm in an uncomfortable spot right before my partner is about to orgasm. Then, I'm left to fight the pain until she's climaxed. Combat this by avoiding it. Pillows are your friend!

#2 Become a sexplorer

Women, individually, are unique. No two bodies are exactly the same. Touch her all over. Then, touch her all over again. What may turn you on, may not turn her on. And even if you've been with your partner for years, that doesn't mean there's no more exploring. There's always more to explore. A place you can't stand to be touched, may send her over the edge. This doesn't only apply to foreplay. During intercourse or cunnilingus, pay attention to her responses and sounds. These tell you what to keep doing and what to stop or change. In addition, don't forget to constantly communicate during sex!

#3 Stop n' go

Cunnilingus is a great. It focuses attention around one of the areas need for climax: the clit. But don't go straight for it. Tease her, caress her, use your tongue. Tease her by using your fingertips to trace lines up and down her inner thighs. Kiss from her inner thighs to her lips. Graze your lips along her labia. It's all about the build up and the tease. Bring her to the brink of climax, then stop. And do it again. You'll leave her begging for more.

#4 It's all about multiplicity 

Men can have multiple orgasms. Indeed, women can have multiple orgasms, too! The great thing about female orgasm is that we're not done after one. The even better thing about lesbian sex is, because of that, it can last for hours. It may take some dedication to achieve the first orgasm, but each after will be easier to reach. After she orgasms, don't stop! Kiss her lightly to slowly build back up to another orgasm. Just be gentle. After an orgasm some areas, especially the clit, are very sensitive. Just gently kiss and caress, until she seems ready for another climax. And she'll be able to reach another.

#5 Spice it up with sex toys

Toys aren't just for kids. Sex toys can be a welcome addition for your bedroom! They can take her from the edge of climax to over the edge! They can enhance moves and spice up even the most simple of positions. Whether it's a vibrator during cunnilingus or intercourse, or a strap-on to change things up. One of my favorite toys is the Wartenberg pinwheel. The cold metal being traced over sensitive skin gives an erotic feeling like no other.

We're all about spicing things up here at GetLusty! Do you have other recommendations? We'd love to hear about them below in the comment section. Alternatively, send Milan feedback directly at the e-mail address in her bio (

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This is a guest post by GetLusty staff writer Milan Weasley. She's pretty amazing. We're so excited to have Milan as one of our first lesbian writers. (Ah! Dykes and dildos!) She spends her days procrastinating grad school and her nights procrastinating everything else. She enjoys writing, gogo dancing, sewing, pole dancing, and defending the Oxford comma.

Questions, comments or article ideas? Get in touch with Milan at

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