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Try This Sex Position! Humpty Dumpty

Though Orgasm October has come and gone, and we're all about g-spot stimulation. This position is a personal favorite. And in our usual try-it-out before we recommend it, it was even more fun than I remember. So how about trying this position today? You might not orgasm, but it'll be pretty satisfying!

How to get into it 

This is another version of the receiver-on-top position. This one is very easy to get into, and also very stimulating for both parties. Just sit down and let your receiver climb on top. And you can do it anywhere from your kitchen floor to living room or beyond. Considering different locations to shake it up? Check out our article on better crazy apartment sex.

Benefits for the giver
  • It's a very intimate position; enjoy your love. Up close and personal!
  • Here, it's easy to caress your partner's back, arms and legs
  • In this position, it's easy to kiss lips, face and neck 
  • Sitting down is a great time to practice the Kegel excercise (yes, anyone can do that exercise, too!)
  • This position can feel almost meditative
  • There isn't much thrusting, but that's the point of this position--it's more about intimacy
Benefits for the receiver
  • You get to control the motions, this means you can swivel your hips and grind on your partner's pelvis in ways that please you most
  • During which, you can make eye contact and lovingly moan when something pleasures you best!
  • For this position, it's much more about the intimacy. When was the last time you felt really intimate with your partner, anyway?
  • Want to kiss? You have easy access to kiss neck and shoulders
  • While you're kissing, you can also caress your lover if you have hands free
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