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His 10 Erogenous Zones You Should Know

We all have those places where we love being touched. Those places where, if your man touches you, it send chills running down your back. Those are your erogenous zones! You get goose bumps and makes you, dare I say, moist. Your man has those special spots, too. Want to start of your sexual session a little slower? Touch, massage or gently rub these erogenous zones! It makes your sexual experience longer and more wonderful to say the least. Our Crimson Love reports.

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#1 Neck & shoulders

Men love to have their necks kissed, licked, sucked, touched and rubbed. Why? The skin on the neck, collar bone and the back of the neck are very sensitive. The neck is most definitely an erogenous zone. The lightest touch can awaken his body and his sexual desires. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the neck is an excellent place to start in making him beg for your love.

#2 Fingers

Surprised? Don't be! The fingers, especially the finger tips, have a high sensitivity due to a high concentration of nerves. Next time you're feeling frisky, take your mans hand, nibble on his finger tips, let your teeth graze the pads of his fingers, gently lick them and see where it gets you.

#3 Inner thighs

The inner thigh, even though it tends to be a bit fleshy will have him at your mercy. Light butterfly kisses, soft caresses and licks will have him pitching a tent with some premium wood in no time. Though his inner thighs might be slightly hairy, they're still super sensitive and even a bit ticklish.

#4 Tailbone/spine

Oh yes, ladies. Take in all of the delicious soft moans your man will make when you release your touches and caresses on his lower back. The spine and tail bone are composed of bundles of nerves and when lightly caressed, licked, or kissed will send pleasure coursing through your mans' body.

#5 Lips

Yes this is obvious but let's not neglect it. Your man needs and loves to be kissed. The Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Do you ever pay close attention to your man when you kiss him? Next time pay really close attention to how his body reacts and you will realize that that kiss does more than just make his lips moist. Nibble, suck, lick and bite away!

#6 Abdomen

You know how good it feels when you rub your tummy? Well imagine how good it feels to your man when you kiss, lick and nibble his. It's a very sensitive area, especially when your move lower towards the groin. Starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. By the time you meet his dick, he may already even be hard. But no rush, it's not about his dick right now. Waiting to great his genitals makes it all the more loving and intimate.

#7 Ears

Why are ears erogenous? The outer ear contains thousands of nerve endings, many of them concentrated on the ear lobe. For this reason, the ear is an erogenous zone for many people. Want to get sexy? Try this move on for size! While you're sitting and watching a movie or TV, caress and massage his ears or nibble and lick them. This will not only relax him, but get him in the mood for some serious play time.

#8 Forearms 

Why you ask? Think about the last time you got goosebumps? You felt them especially on the hairs of your arms. Massaging or just touching gently this forearm area will get that same effect. Want to try it out? Gently rub the softer skin on the underside of his arm. He may even get goosebumps and chills, not to mention it sends clear messages of your "loving" intentions.

#9 Mind

You can metaphorically connect with your partner with your amazing intelligence and wit! The brain is the largest sex organ and most multifunctional. Play a sexy game with your partner all day, sending naughty text messages and e-mails. When you get home that night have something sexy and surprising prepared, you will be sure to blow his mind!

#10 Scalp/ head

If your man is in the shower, offer to wash his hair and massage his scalp for him. I guarantee your naked body won't be the only thing he is standing at attention for. There are even certain ways to massage his head before, during or after sex. What? You're massaging him after sex!? You're such a good lover! That will definitely earn you brownie points.

This is a guest post by GetLusty staff writer Crimson Love. Crimson is our resident fetish expert with years of experience 'in the scene'. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone! Have story ideas? Get in touch with Crimson at
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