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Gents! 6 Ways NOT To Ask for Head

Quite a few men offline and online have asked this question. How can I get my partner to give me head? As usual, we're here to help. We understand asking your partner for a blowjob can be tricky. Most importantly, gentlemen, you don't want to appear to be a selfish lover. So for now, let's review the ways not to get a blowjob. GetLusty writer Crimson Love reports.

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#1 Don't be a selfish lover

If you are not willing to go down on your woman, don't even bother asking for a blowjob. Reciprocation is the best way to receive more love. Give and ye shall receive. Start enjoying cunnilingus. Ensuring that your lady comes first is the key to a great sex life. If she isn't orgasming (and you should know this by asking her, for example), how do you expect she's going to be extremely interested in your pleasure? She's worried about how she's going to be able to orgasm--not you! Not to worry, gents. We'll have more on selfish loving soon! And plenty of cunnilingus tips, too. Suffice to say, your goal should be her pleasure!

#2 Give positive feedback

As ladies, we don't enjoy hearing how horrible we are at giving head. Besides, how is that supposed to give me enthusiasm about going down on you? Don't tell her she should blow you because she needs the practice. That might get you a punch in the balls rather than get her to suck them. Instead, try telling her how much you enjoy feeling her mouth on your throbbing penis. That they've been waiting for her wonderful mouth. Tell her she makes you feel so amazing after you know she's been pleasured.

#3 Realize it's a privilege

Receiving head is a privilege. Not a right. So when you demand a blowjob as an expectation because, "that's what women do," you're very wrong. Be positive, and don't be demanding. When I say this, I mean don't act entitled like it's her life's mission to blow you all the time. Be patient. If you think that a blowjob should happen everyday--please tell your partner. Talk to her about it. Unless she's absolutely in love with giving you head, she should be aware of your issue.

#4 Don't compare your lady

If your lady isn't in the mood to give you a blowjob, don't compare her to your ex or an old fling. If you think it will inspire some sort of competition and make her want to do it, you're wrong. It won't and may likely do the opposite. Trying to trump up competition isn't a loving thing to do. Instead, try telling her how amazing it was the last time she did provide you that amazing pleasure of giving you an amazing blowjob. She's amazing! No one can please you like she can. That will get you much closer to getting a blowjob in the future.

#5 Don't coerce

Don't just force her head down there. I am pretty sure that if you do, you won't find her down there again any time soon. We women don't want to feel force or coercion. Why? Well, it provides negative associations moving forward. If she's experienced trauma in the past, you may be heading down a road of therapy--or even just long conversations about boundaries. Be nice and you will receive nice actions back.

#6 Don't get mad

If she refuses after your efforts just let it go and don't get mad. Instead try to figure out why she said no.  Be empathetic. There is likely a good reason why your lady isn't feeling in the mood to go down on you. Maybe she has a negative association. Could you imagine being in her position? If she got mad at you for not going down on her? It'd feel pretty bad.

Keep sex amazing, gents! Be patient, nice and understanding. We'll respond with love and amazing head. If not now--soon!

This is a guest post by our very own Crimson Love.
Crimson is our resident BDSM fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

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