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Coupled & Want to End Gun Violence? Here's How

Sad would be the wrong word. As someone who's seen physical and sexual violence, I understand deeply the impact evil can have. PTSD, fear and anxiety to say the least. We aim to be a beacon of love, respect and understanding. Responding to evil with love is far more than biblical -- it's the mark of a truly caring person. There seemed to be almost no way to describe how we felt yesterday about the senseless gun violence in Newton, CT. Dozens of children and somewhere between 20 and 28 dead in total. Even President Obama couldn't help but get a little teary.

As couples, we felt the need to tell you about how you can help in ending gun violence. According to to the Washington Post, "The United States has notoriously liberal gun control laws, and it has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world — an average of 88 per 100 people, according to a 2007 Small Arms Survey."

Gun ownership and use certainly is a loaded issue, though, in the United States. But that doesn't mean average couples, who have children and are American, can't have a say in gun laws in the United States. In fact, it seems we need to get involved.

That's why we just noted on our Facebook page how you couples can involved. Here in Chicago, the good folks at are organizing a vigil in Albany Park in support of ending gun violence. There's also another great website by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns called Demand a Plan to put an end to senseless gun violence. Sign the Demand a Plan petition here in support of Whitehouse initiatives to end gun violence. You can also share your condolences here.

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Lots of GetLusty love,
Erica Grigg
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(Feeling more ashamed to be an American than lusty right now.)

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