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Gents! 3 Must Read Books on Your Sexual Health

Just in time for Dick & Dildo December, gents! You eat properly, get plenty of rest, exercise. Well, your sexual health is just as important—not just for you, but also for your partner. We’ve researched extensively of the best men's health books out there by well respected doctors. These books offer sound advice on everything from increasing sex drive to those other not-so-fun topics that many men have dealt with, but never felt comfortable talking about. Pick one of these books up and have your questions answered. Reading is sexy. Healthy is sexy. Therefore, GetLusty's Stephanie Vanderwall brings you 3 great books to keep you sexually tip-top healthy.

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#1 Men’s Sexual Health: Fitness For Satisfying Sex

By Barry W. McCarthy, Ph.D. and Michael E. Metz, Ph.D.

Men’s Sexual Health is a breakthrough book about vital and satisfying male sexuality. It presents a new model of male and couple sexuality, which establishes positive, realistic expectations of pleasure and satisfaction, as opposed to the self-defeating traditional demand for perfect intercourse performance.

The authors introduce the new “smart thinking,” focused on an integration of mind and body, which confronts the myths and misunderstandings that limit male sexual growth. The book will help men and women understand how to pursue sexual and relational health as well as overcome sexual problems, with the goal of greater acceptance and satisfaction.

Diane Sollee, founder and director of urges: “Women, buy this book! Obviously for the man in your life—after all, its goal is to help him achieve a lifelong, intimate, erotic sex life—but, also to read it yourself. Its straightforward, by-men-for-men approach will give you an inside track, and help you know him, and therefore, love him even better.”

"Men's Sexual Health: Fitness for Satisfying Sex is a remarkable contribution to the field of sex therapy. This book should be on the bookshelf of every sex health and sex education professional. This book is great for adults and older adults, but I get even more excited when I think about giving it to young men who don't have sexual problems yet. The tone is reassuring, and the stance is non-judgmental, but decidedly not wishy-washy. The authors take important positions on a number of topics. Men's Sexual Health is destined to be a classic.” –Aline Zoldbrod, Ph.D., in Contemporary Sexuality

#2 Coping With Premature Ejaculation: How to Overcome PE, Please Your Partner & Have Great Sex

By Barry W. McCarthy, Ph.D. and Michael E. Metz, Ph.D.

It is estimated that 30 million American men have problems with premature ejaculation. This book contains the latest, scientifically based, multidimensional methods for overcoming all types of premature ejaculation and includes a complete relapse prevention program.

Coping With Premature Ejaculation explores a multidimensional, bio-psychological approach to dealing with this problem and strengthening your sexual relationship. This book debunks the myths of male sexual performance and analyzes male sexual desire. In it, you’ll learn about the different types of premature ejaculation and use assessment exercises to find out which you suffer from. The book then offers structured, symptom-specific treatment strategies based on psychological, relational, and physiological techniques. Find out ways to prevent relapse as well as enhance and improve your overall sexual relationship. Designed as a resource for couples, this book is a powerful tool for creating support and positive change in your relationship.

Jean D. Koehler, Ph.D., former president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) lauds: “This is the most comprehensive guide to dealing with premature ejaculation I have ever seen! It addresses subtypes, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral components, medical issues, relapse, and the ever-important influence of the couple’s relationship on the cause and cure of this disorder. Drs. McCarthy and Metz have not only done a great service to couples experiencing this problem, but to sex therapists as well. I will definitely recommend the book to my clients and will incorporate its exercises in my treatment protocol.”

“This is an excellent, easy-to-read self-help book which is unique in that the treatment recommendations are individualized. Upon opening the book and reading the first pages, one immediately knows that two master therapists, with years of experience treating sexual problems, wrote this book. In a nutshell, this book is a gem.”
—Robert Segraves, M.D., Ph.D., author, Sexual Pharmacology, professor of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University, and editor, The Journal of Sex and Martial Therapy

“I can't say enough about this book. It's well written and takes you through the different types of PE problems. It also gives you ways to solve the PE problems. My wife is very supportive and I think this book has brought us closer together because we talked about things we haven't talked about before. There are great "couples" sections in this book to discuss. Through doing the exercises in the book I've gone from 2-3 minutes to 30 minutes in about 3 weeks time. Really, really AWESOME!!!” –Very Satisfied Amazon Reader

#3 Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health

By Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D.

In this revolutionary guide to male sexual potency, urological surgeon Dr. Dudley S. Danoff talks candidly to men and their partners about the topics they are often too embarrassed to discuss with their doctors. Dr. Danoff debunks common myths about male sexual anatomy, including questions about penis size, stamina, and libido. Drawing upon case histories from his thirty-plus years of medical practice, he presents detailed information and practical solutions regarding issues that affect most men at some point in their lives, including: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, prostate and testicular cancer.

In chapters like "Maximize Your Penis Power," "How to Become a Superpotent Man," and "What Women Need to Know," readers will learn how to extend sex, delay ejaculation, and boost confidence in the bedroom--banishing stress and making sex a better experience for both men and women. Penis Power is a user's guide to the male anatomy and the male mind. It's essential reading to anyone who has a penis or loves someone who does.

Leo A. Gordon, M.D., associate director of surgical education at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center describes Penis Power as “a probing and entertaining analysis of the mysteries, legends, and misconceptions surrounding the organ that has preoccupied the world ever since Eve bit the apple!”

Joe Weider, bodybuilder, fitness guru, and publisher of Men’s Fitness magazine called it, “a must read for all men who care about their physical and sexual health.”

“Particularly if you are a guy, this is a must read; it should be required reading at some point in our human development. Like it or not, the connections between our penises and our brains are an essential fact of our being; I am now convinced of that. Dr. Danoff speaks to us in a way that is easily understood, drawing on thousands of case studies in his practice. This book could save many guys (and perhaps women as well) thousands of dollars on drugs, procedures, and psychotherapy.” –Amazon Customer

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