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Creating Your Sexiest Bedroom: Do's and Don'ts

An amazing sexual relationship is, of course, created with the five pillars of an amazing relationship. But if your bedroom is keeping your sex life from moving you to the next level, consider moving furniture around. At GetLusty, we care about the feng shui of your bedroom. Why? It represents you! Here are a few tips from sex therapy and relationship counselors Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird tell you about creating the right bedroom atmosphere for great sex!

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Creating a love nest is very important. But sadly, the boudoir is sometimes overlooked and severely neglected. When thinking about your bedroom, is it a place you can relax and unwind? Do you want to spend time in there? Is it romantic? Or is your bedroom a place you want to avoid? Is it cluttered or filled with work?

Think about it. “Where the attention goes, the energy flows.” Thus, if you want more energy in the bedroom, then you must put some attention into it! So let’s get started! Here are a few simple Dos and Don’ts to help you create your very own love nest.

Bedroom Don'ts:

Have computers, iPhones, televisions and other electronic work distractions in your bedroom. Studies show that couples with a television in their bedroom have half the amount of sex as couples who don’t. (However, you can have a television in the bedroom only if you use it to watch erotic videos!)
  • Work desks, office stuff, etc.
  • Exercise equipment
  • Baby clothes or other accessories
  • Clutter and dirt (just give a small clean daily)
  • Bright colors or loud/busy patterns on the walls
  • Overly bright lights (unless interrogation is your thing)
  • Uncomfortable and noisy bed (was that you going bump in the night?)
  • And of course, child-like d├ęcor. Meaning, no race car beds!!
Bedroom Do's:

Great bedrooms are sexy and radiate positivity.
  • Consider using all your senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste)!
  • Use satin sheets or soft bed sheets with high thread counts (over 350) Fur blankets, shag rugs and soft area carpets help to dampen noises
  • Use candles (including massage candles – some are even edible) and potpourri
  • Romantic wall colors (neutral tones are calming and soothing, warm tones are sexy and cool tones can be spa-like, relaxing and calming)
  • Mirrors and romantic photos (black and white pictures, landscapes, etc.)
  • Soft/dim lighting
  • CD player or iPod with romantic music ready to be played
  • A chest or secret decorative box (to store all your fun and sexy toys and aids, of course!)
  • A small box or bowl of chocolates on the night stand
  • Unique bedroom furniture that is multi-purpose! (check out Liberator for that!)
  • And of course, a good comfortable and quiet bed!
We hope this helps you create your love nest and get some positive and sexy energy into your bedroom. Remember, even small changes can yield big results! So get started!

Cross-posted with permission from their blog

Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird and are Board Certified Clinical Sexologists and Relationship Counselors. They co-counsel couples together which offers a unique and balanced male/female perspective and a combined therapy/coaching approach to helping their clients with a variety of relationship and sexual issues/concerns. Due to our last name and work they do, they've become known as “The Love Birds”.

They have 16 + years of personal experience in a healthy, loving and successful relationship. We know how to solve problems and work through difficulties that couples may face on a daily basis. We know ways to keep relationships strong and healthy. We offer you tools and strategies that can make positive changes in your relationship. Find out more about Chuck. Alternatively, find out more about Jo-Ann. Also, follow them on Twitter and 'Like' them on Facebook.
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