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5 Ways to Make Kitchen Sex Extra Fabulous

It's Naked November, so we've been thinking about nakedness a lot. And since naked dates can lead to naked sex, how about some kitchen sex ideas? Sex in your apartment or living space can feel a little stale. Not with GetLusty. We're all about exploring, experimenting and trying different activities to spice things up! GetLusty's food and sex lover, Crimson Love, is here to help you sexplore your apartment. Here, we'll re-discover the joys of sex. We love apartment sex! This is part of our series on sex in different (maybe surprising places). Past articles include, 13 fun places to have apartment sex? And 5 surprising places in your apartment to make sex amazing again. So go ahead, have sex again--in every. Single. Room!

* * *

A hotbed of sensual possibility, the kitchen is not just about counter tops. Well, it’s mostly about counter tops. And maybe a little bit about the sink - especially if you’re lucky enough to possess one of those tingle-inducing faucets with the multi-speed, detachable head...

#1 Use those counter tops

Height and surface area are your first and best allies in the kitchen. The penetrating partner of suitable height can achieve amazing depth when entering a counter-perched lover. Always make sure it's stable before going harder and deeper, like I know many of you love. Sitting spread-eagle, or bent at the waist, also provides: 1. A really hot visual. 2. The perfect position for your partner to grab you by the hips and pull you even closer.

Bonus: a center island. Height, surface area and 360 access? Drawers for leverage and adapted toys (see #3 below)? The opportunity, should you find yourself feeling impulsive, to sweep the whole lot of newspapers, unopened mail and coffee mugs to the floor in a sexy, theatrical flourish? You’ve got it made.

#2 Orgasm on the cupboards? Yes, please!

Cupboards are for bracing yourself, aiding momentum, slamming dramatically at the height of orgasm and foraging in afterward to get your strength back up. Do the doors have handles? Why not use scarves to bind your lover while you try #3.

#3 Get kinky with kitchen utensils! 

A swat with a spatula. A pastry brush over nipples. The convex sides of spoons warmed in palms, between legs. The sting of whisks. Open the drawers and get creative. Wash it well before and after: you’re in the kitchen, for goodness sake! However, there are several things to watch. Stay away from: microwaves (unless you’re heating up one of those lovely glass dildos), blenders, knives; frankly anything that is too sharp, too hot or too motorized.

#4 Food & sex? Oh my!

If you’re into food and sex, or properly washedand chilled insertable materials, the ‘fridge is your best kitchen-lust ally. Stock up!

Bonus: an in-door ice maker. Good for nipples, clits and penises; the cold can be too intense for some. Be careful, however, of popping one in your mouth and attempting head: there's a high risk of the bad sort of choking. Though, possibly not as bad as these other blowjob mistakes. In addition, the refrigerator can be used as a (fairly) sturdy base to be shoved up against. Provided you don’t mind knocking off commemorative magnets, grocery lists or that one really stunning vacation photo you took a few years ago (wink).

#5 The Floor

How can you enjoy a good, old-fashioned shag, minus the dirty floor? Some of you may not mind writhing in a little grit. Those who do: why not stash a spare sheet in a convenient spot, like between that once-used popcorn popper and the never-used snow cone maker? If your linen closet is within don’t-break-the-spell distance, grab a few towels: they can be used to mop up come afterward (wink).

Lastly, since you've been on every surface, possibly eaten, possibly inserted various objects or swept mail and mugs to the floor in a fit of lust: clean up! Clean yourselves, clean the space and stay tuned for the next installment of great apartment sex.

This is a guest post by GetLusty for Couples' staff writer Crimson Love. Crimson is our resident fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

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