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What Women Love & Hate About Anal

Considering it's Dick & Dildo December, we thought addressing the issue of anal would be a good idea. In previous articles, we've written on the popularity of anal sex, books to read on becoming an anal superstar and even a guide to anal. Now how about why we ladies might or might not want to? GetLusty's Traci Saiz reports.

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Anal can be tricky. Not everyone likes it and in some cases may even, dare we say; “hates” it. But there is a lot to take into consideration. So we decided to take some initiative and come up with reasons why women both love and hate it. Some women love anal while others may hate it. Whether you’re curious to try or wanting to convince your partner to give it ago, we have the 411 on the pros and cons.

What we love

It can be surprisingly good. Women find that anal stimulation can be quite enjoyable. It offers a completely different sensation than vaginal sex. We may have reservations about letting you try but when we do and it’s good--it’s really good! We even like when you give us extra attention in the act. Try playing with her clitoris while doing it and give her some extra pleasure.

It’s naughty! Even nice girls like to feel naughty when the mood strikes. Be it sexy little outfits, whips, or handcuffs we all have a frisky little minx in us. Anal also allows for you and your partner to try something sexy together.

Anal turns you on. That’s right! We love to please as much as you do. The fact that you love it so much makes us want to give you that pleasure. So feel free to ask and see just how much you can receive. We want to make you happy. Anal play can even spark a new closeness between you two and open the door to exploration.

What we hate

It can be painful. The rectum doesn’t stretch the same as the vagina does and it may be painful and uncomfortable. It’s important to go slow and use lube. Let her know when it’s coming and ease into it. Communication during sex is important. Keep your partner in the know on how you feel about the situation, during and after. Be sure you are both on the same page, comfortable and ready. Don’t just try and pound away, that may also cause tearing.

Anal can be messy and women may feel insecure and awkward. It’s not the sexiest position so women may sometimes feel uncomfortable. Add in the mess that can happen afterward and we’re embarrassed before you even begin. Don’t let that stop you from trying; an anal douche or a shower can easily remedy this.

Anal can be misconstrued as being less intimate. Women may sometimes feel like anal is, well, straight going at it. We want it to be intimate and special at times. Sure we love to go to town and have a hardcore romp as well. In matters of anal we feel less in control and being that we can’t be face to face, can trigger emotions of a lack of connection with our partners.

Anal may be messy, painful, and awkward. Even thought of as less intimate but these are just our perceptions of anal. It can also be exciting, adventurous, pleasurable and intimate. When communicated and given some extra stimulation women can feel more open. Anal can open a new closeness we didn’t think of. It is trying something new and having fun. Pulling her body into yours and caressing her in the act will not only get her hot but it will also allow her to feel more intimate with you.

Anal may not be everyone’s cup of tea but those of us who do love it, really love it! Give it a try; don’t be shy, let go of you inhibitions and uncertainties. You never know how much pleasure you both can have until you give it a go. The next best thing to your orgasm is the closeness and openness you two share in knowing you can be completely comfortable together, even if it gets messy. Trying something new will only open up new adventures and excitement for you both to share.

Traci Saiz is a Southern California native but a Chicago girl at heart. She has a B.A. in Marketing and mentors on the side. She is a sports fanatic, a fun-seeking traveler, and passionate in nature especially when it comes to sex. She believes sex is a key element in a relationship and it doesn’t have to be “movie” sex but it has to be fun! She is not afraid to bare her dirty secrets (actually she doesn’t seem to have any). This gal is definitely not shy and loves to discuss relationships and sex with anyone and everyone! Follow Traci on twitter @TraciAlaina or find her on Pinterest.
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