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Try This! The Yogi Ottoman

Yoga and sex. They go together like 2 peas in a pod. This is the second in a series on yogic sex positions you'll love. Why? Because it's fabulous, fun and healthy! Yes, just like sex.

How to get into it: 

This is an advanced position for only those who are serious about taking sex to the next level. Remember: it's all about fun before getting contorted.

Now--about getting into it. The man (giver) should make the shape of a plank on top of the ottoman. The woman (receiver) should then lay appropriately to slip inside. The receiver would definitely benefit from an angled pillow (or general pillow if a Liberator pillow not available). Either way, the receiver will have to have some back support.

Benefits for the giver
  • It's guaranteed to be something you haven't tried before!
  • You won't be able to complain, "Goodness! Yogi Ottman, again?!" It always offers, ahem, minutes of yogic fun. 
  • Because you likely haven't seen your partner in this position outside the gym
  • Mind your feet (Haven't you pampered your feet lately? This is an excuse!)
Benefits for the receiver
  • Though this position doesn't include this, a comfortable prop pillow helps prop you up without the extreme yoga-ness
  • If you've been waiting to tell your mate about those horrible feet (yes, it happens) now is the time. Pedicures are all the rage. A partner with a nice set of toes? Priceless.
  • Ever had sexual yoga? It's a ball.
  • Is it funny? Did your mate flop out? Was it hilarious? Go ahead, give a good laugh. This position is funny in the best of ways.
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