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Try This! The Pleasure Treasure

This is a surprisingly great position. You can do it on the floor, bed or any nearly flat surface. The more hard, flat surfaces are best for this position, probably, though. Why? They offer more leverage for deeper, more mindful thrusts.

How to get into it

The giver should sit back in this position. In several variations, this can also be done on a couch or chair. You will then straddle your lover and mount. Always remember to use plenty of lubricant. As Megan Andelloux, a favorite sex educator says, 'It's much easier to use not enough, than too much lubricant.' 

Benefits for the giver
  • The face-to-face position adds intimacy.
  • Enjoy the intimate moment! Make eye contact and kiss deeply; add to the romance. Feel your energy together.
  • There is an element where you're out of control and surprise. It makes it all the more hot!
  • Here, you have great access to your lover's butt; you can help by thrusting your hips, too, if you aren't leaning back too much
  • Your partner's in charger, so take notes. Be your own best sexual researcher!
  • This position offers an opportunity to kiss all over: lips, face and neck
Benefits for the receiver
  • This is the ideal receiver-on-top position. You control the strength and ferocity of thrusts. Take note on what pleases you most!
  • Have an excellent angle that works your g-spot best? Make noise! Don't be afraid to moan out loud if you're really enjoying things
  • You can really be intimate in this position; making eye contact and kissing is really romantic here
  • Honestly, when was the last time you had sex on your couch? This position gives a new meaning to that old chair in the corner of your living room. It's actually best on a hard surface for you because it offers more help with leverage
  • Like it deep? This is an excellent position to offer deeper and harder thrusts
  • Added benefit: it's a great exercise for your quads
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