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Try This! Edible Yoga

This position will push your limits. It's fun and engages your tummy. How about trying this position today?

How to get into it

First, the receiver should lie down in a comfortable position. Then, you'll put a pillow beneath your rear in order to prop you up. The giver should kneel down below them and pull their rear closest to them. Then--cunnilingus away! After you've tried the basics, how about upping the ante with g-spot orgasms during cunnilingus?

Benefits for the giver
  • Propping your lover up increases trust in you, and makes it more comfortable
  • The alternative? Use a comfortable prop pillow to get the angle & comfort level just right
  • Make sure to give your partner and yourself some proper time for foreplay to get stimulated pre-cunnilingus -- ie. body kissing. 
  • Try whip cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream or even ice & you'll up the sweetness/ sensation factor. (One tip: make sure to clean thoroughly, as sweets can be bad for vaginal hygiene long-term). 
  • Ask whether you can include a finger (or two/three) to stimulate your lover's G-spot while you lick
  • Alternatively (or additionally) you can also to use a butt plug. Don't forget to ask & confirm interest first.
Benefits for the receiver
  • This position requires extreme yogic capabilities. You'll feel your abs & lower back most definitely.
  • Help your partner prop you up by placing your hands on your lower back. This will give your lower back & abs some respite in this difficult but pleasurable position.
  • Is something awesome being done? Say what you're enjoying most. Benefit: another chance to to find your sexual voice!
  • Try a new cunnilingus positon & you'll feel different pleasures. Yum!
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