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Try This! The Deepest Doorway

Doorways are special places. They open and close. They signal privacy or openness. Today is the day to try sex between those two walls.

How to get into it

First, find a suitable doorway. Make sure to check if it's suitably smooth. You wouldn't want to get splinters in your ass, silly! Second, the giver should assume position; standing against the door proping themselves up by leaning their feet on the floor. The receiver should then lean against them, lube up (if you're not already wet from foreplay!) and take it in! For the receiver, make sure to use the doorway as leverage when possible. Again--ensure you're not getting splinters by checking quality first.

Benefits for the giver
  • You're being rode in this position. Enjoy!
  • Use these enjoyable few minutes to note what your partner likes and how you're being ridden so you can better please later
  • Mind the doorway--making sure you don't get splinters is pretty important in this position
  • There are numerous variations on this position, including sliding down towards the floor if your lover's much shorter than you
Benefits for the receiver
  • This position is what you make of it. Try some new things out!
  • Try going slow for a few minutes, then press your hands against the doorway itself our the wall outside the doorway for better leverage & get deeper.
  • Also, try to move your hips in an, "8" shape, which massages different spots and has a different kind of pleasure
  • Feel free to find your voice-- if you moan slightly or cheer, your partner will get more engaged
  • There are numerous variations if you're not getting the most pleasure from it, including arching your back more towards the door (which feels amazing)
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