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Sex Questions? Get Professional Answers!

When is an appropriate time to discuss you and your partners kinks? Did he totally surprise you with a new technique or is he having erection problems? Do you feel desperate about it? What if your husband or wife isn't satisfying you sexually?

Whatever the question may be, our goal is to end boring sex. That means you'll probably have many questions. We've been there. We're also to help you get answers!

GetLusty along with a very special lineup of all-knowing guest sex educators.

They'll be answering all your important sex questions you wanted to but were too embarrassed to ask!

Don't want your dirty laundry aired all over the place? Us, either! All e-mail addresses and any identifying information will go unpublished and always remain confidential.

Submit your questions and any details you feel will help us better answer your question to us via e-mail, message us via Facebook, @mention us on Twitter @getlusty or even message via Tumblr.
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