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How To Gauge Your Sexual Temperature

Amy Jo Goddard knows how to empower us! She is an amazing sexual empowerment coach and sexual educator and we absolutely love learning from her.

Amy has written on role play, scheduling sex and continuing sex education. But today, it's all about your sexual temperature. What is that you ask? Well, just like a thermometer measures a fever, Amy is here with ways to help you gauge your sexual needs. 

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Sometimes you get so stuck sexually and you are so used to feeling stuck, you have no way to gauge how or why. I see this a lot with new sex coaching clients and prospects. If a woman has gotten far enough in her process to call me, she at least has some sense that her sexuality needs attention. Sometimes that’s as much as she knows. Figuring out the way into it or how to break it down feels hard and the whole of her sexual issues becomes a series of symptoms with vague ideas of the root causes.

I recently spoke to a woman who described her sexuality as a ball with no handles that just rolls and rolls and she doesn’t know where or how to get a grip on it. I think many people feel this way about sexuality because it’s so big and so many potential issues come up that they do not know where to begin. You can start by taking your own sexual temperature, so to speak. Look at the various key aspects of your sexuality and if you could literally take your temperature, how would the mercury rise and fall?

Your Sexual Temperature Key


Totally shut down, not happening, needs life-support now!


On life-support, barely keeping its pulse but trying to survive.


Things are moving a bit, maybe slowly, maybe not all in the best direction, but there is motion and a will to be in a more healthy place. Throw me a blanket.

Sexual homeostasis

Functioning optimally, this part feels healthy and balanced, in a place of “normalcy”. Right on target.


Overall, functioning well and with a lot of energy, but energy is a bit out-of-balance.


Manic functioning or over-indulgence in this area. Need to reconnect to self and rebalance. Way off your center. Sometimes sexual fever is fun but that’s not what I’m talking about here!

Temperature check 

What are areas of your sexuality where you could apply this? There are many aspects of your sexuality that you want to check in with regularly. For starters, do a temperature check on these seven:

#1 Your sexual body and how you are feeling in your body
#2 Your level of pleasure and joy , both emotional and physical
#3 Your desire and attraction, both the quality and level
#4 Your radiance and excitement-Are you glowing daily?
#5 Your intimate relationships, with self and/or with partners and lovers
#6 Your energy level, overall and sexually
#7 Your sexual and creative expression

Your Sexual Empowerment Assignment

Take a moment with each area and stick in the thermometer and read it honestly. If your temperature is below normal in any of these areas, think about 3 things you could do to breathe life back into this part, starting today.

If you are sexually homeostatic, what are 3 things you love and appreciate about the healthy temperature of this part? And if you are overheated or feverish, what 3 things could you do to recalibrate and re-balance to a place of sexual homeostasis and optimal functioning? Take your sexual temperature regularly and prevent your sexuality from falling to a place of being ignored, neglected, or into total disrepair.

Lovingly cross-posted with permission from Amy's blog here.

Amy Jo Goddard is a sexual empowerment coach, author, and sexuality educator who blogs regularly at She is founder of SPECTRA, a mentorship program to help sexuality professionals make more money doing the sexuality work they are passionate about.

As a David Neagle Certified Miracle of Money coach, Amy Jo helps women and couples create financial abundance, sexual pleasure and create the relationships and lives they desire. She teaches her Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program in New York City and travels the US teaching courses and speaking at sexuality events. Visit to get your free copy of her "Bringing Sexy Back: How to Revitalize a Dwindling Sex Life" audio class! Follow her on @amyjogoddard on Twitter.
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