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8 Reasons You Should Have Sex Tonight

Are you thinking of having sex tonight? Well, we think that you should! Besides the health benefits, getting down tonight can help your relationship, reduce stress and rekindle your sexual spark. Here are simple, no-frills reasons why you should have sex tonight. GetLusty's Tracy Saiz Reports.

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There are many reasons why you and your partner should have sex tonight. So just in case you needed a few reasons, let’s see what we can come up with for you. Of course there are several physical and psychological benefits associated with having sex, giving the body a fun workout while releasing all of those feel good endorphins to help you feel fitter and happier. But to pick just one reason to have sex tonight seems unfair. Many occasions make for a completely different reason to justify a tussle between the sheets. Really, it just comes down to a question as simple as, how was your day?

Without ado, your excuses (ahem, reasons) for having sex tonight:

#1 You had a bad day at the office

Did you have a frustrating day at work? Nothing was getting done, deadlines are haunting, and your boss is giving you an especially hard time? Sometimes we have those “just can’t seem to catch-a-break” kind of days.

So let’s make this not-so-great, can’t wait until its 5 o’clock day better by ending it with a healthy helping of sex. Maybe the day won’t seem so bad when you have an evening of private fun planned with your partner. It’s an easy way to take the stress off and afterwards the broken copier on your floor will be the farthest thing from your mind.

#2 You had a good day at the office

So you finally got that raise you were asking for. Your boss praised you for all the hard work you’ve been doing lately. You finally finished up that huge project and can take a breather for the rest of the month. Someone brought in bagels for everyone. These are the days we love our jobs and can’t wait to get home to share how great it was. So tonight let’s go ahead and share our great attitudes and fabulous days by giving our partners a nice orgasm to end their days as well. After all, why not keep the good times rolling by bringing your good day home with you to your partner!

#3 You’re feeling horny

Though Naked November has come and gone, doesn't mean you can't be naked. While you see your love We don’t need to give you a reason here. We all just have those nights where we want it and we want it now. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that. If you’re craving sex, go ahead and act on those cravings. No one is going to mind. Actually, we just told you do so, so you even have an excuse!

#4 It’s a special occasion

Sex doesn’t need a special occasion but then again, they do come up. Who doesn’t love birthday sex? After all, they did make a song about it. So let’s make it a reason. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or the day you made your final payment on the lease of your car, any occasion is a good occasion for sex. After all, the holidays are here so I'm sure there's a special occasion you haven't partied for yet, right?

#5 You want to stay in, but you don’t want to hibernate

You don’t always need couple’s night to be a trip to the movie theater or a meal at a nice restaurant. Especially during the winter, sometimes the best night out is a night in. Try adding your own heat in the bedroom. You can try our sexy, naked date ideas or grab some lube and a toy and make tonight a sexy night in.

#6 You feel like treating your partner

Maybe your partner knew just the right thing to say when you were feeling in a not-so- cheerful mood. Maybe they were there for you when you needed to see them. Maybe they just look especially good today. Either way, sex is a great way to show you care. Ladies, you really want to show your man just how much you care? Try our guide to deep-throat without gagging. But we always recommend a conversation--the ultimate foreplay--first!

#7 You feel like treating yourself

Maybe you knew just the right thing to say, and you were there when needed. Or maybe you were being thoughtful in one way or another. But really, you never really need that much of a reason to treat yourself. Ask your partner for some extra loving and learn the female erogenous zones together. You could also enjoy a loving, sensual massage. Do it and enjoy!

#8 You’re feeling adventurous

These are our favorite nights. The nights when we are feeling especially frisky and want to try something new. Try a new toy, watch porn together or see what new sex positions seem interesting. Or maybe you’ve wanted to give pegging a chance, try our simple 10 step pegging how-to. Whatever gets you curious and feeling sexy will be an all-out night of fun, foreplay and adventure!

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Traci Saiz is a Southern California native but a Chicago girl at heart. She has a B.A. in Marketing and mentors on the side. She is a sports fanatic, a fun-seeking traveler, and passionate in nature especially when it comes to sex. She believes sex is a key element in a relationship and it doesn’t have to be “movie” sex but it has to be fun! She is not afraid to bare her dirty secrets (actually she doesn’t seem to have any). This gal is definitely not shy and loves to discuss relationships and sex with anyone and everyone! Follow Traci on twitter @TraciAlaina or find her on Pinterest.
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