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7 Ways to Prolong Foreplay

Foreplay is not just the brief kiss before the action starts. Foreplay can not only be an important component of highly fulfilling sex. Foreplay could be your entire sexual session. For now, we'll skip the issue of 'what is sex, anyway?' as foreplay could be considered sex. We've talked extensively on cunnilingus and blowjobs, now what about other fun activities that could spice up your next foreplay session? GetLusty's Lynn Olejniczak reports.

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Some things take longer than others. Putting up holiday decorations takes forever. The length of time they are up? Not so much. Being stuck in traffic can feel like an eternity. While hitting the snooze button can feel like exercise. It seems like the good things in life fly by so quickly, and that just isn’t fair. So to help you make a good thing, a really good thing last longer here are seven ways to prolong foreplay. You can thank us later.

#1 Flirt

Remember the days before you two were having sex? When the brush of a hand would send a chill up your spine? Those tentative movements made oh so much sexier because the thrill of the unknown was always present? Those mini adrenalin rushes were made possible through the fine art of flirting.

Foreplay doesn’t all have to take place in the bedroom. It can begin with an innocent walk, hands grazing the other’s thigh while you two keep pace. The gentle act of sweeping hair from the other’s face. The long looks, then the nervous avoidance of eye contact, you don’t want to appear too eager (or do you?). The wonderful dance in the bedroom begins with sexy steps in every other location. Remind each other of how the anticipation of the first time felt; every last detail.

#2 Gaze

It is so easy to rush through foreplay and get down to business. But I bet neither one of you spend enough time looking at, and appreciating each other’s bodies as you should. Undress slowly; let him run his eyes over every last curve; let her see the strength in your arms and the wonder of your gorgeous cock! Feel fat because you had tiramisu after (or for) dinner? Get over it! That’s not what we are starting at. Feeling self-conscious? Maybe you should practice self love (or get naked more often). Alternatively, cleaning each other is another way to feel more comfortable with gazing lovingly. You're both squeaky clean! What better time!

#3 Rub

Give your partner a loving, sensual massage. Find those scented oils or just grab some lotion and give each other a tandem massage. Take your time, allow each other the room to explore. Move in ways that make your partner glide to other body parts; the neck, the arms, the thighs; all of it. Touch every last inch of each other’s bodies. Try not to stop touching to get to another part of the body. Don’t talk about it, feel it. And then feel that, and that, and that, and that.

#4 Play

Role play; it can be seriously fun! Whether it is a naughty nurse fantasy, pizza delivery guy, red riding hood and the woodsman, or a lifeguard checking for a pulse, act it out! Don’t leave out a thing, from the costume to the dialogue work to get it all right. It is called fore-play for a reason. Enjoy it, have fun with your character, and each other’s. By taking on that other personality you are going to the unknown. Stay there for as long as you like, reality will be here when you get back.

#5 Bond

As in “bond-age.” Nothing can prolong foreplay like a little tie-me-up-tie-me-down. It is meant for it. From trying to decide what part to subdue first, to being able to do what you wish (or receive) once everything is securely fastened, you can play this way forever. You don’t need the whole under the mattress system to enjoy. Use those ugly ties you wouldn’t be caught dead in? That strangely shaped scarf that can’t accessorize any outfit you own? They have just been spared a trip to the donation box.

#6 Kiss

Kissing will probably be some component to the actual act of having sex. But when was the last time you really made out without sex? Sit on the couch, lie in bed, stand in the kitchen and just make out! Start fully clothed, and then make your way around those bases. I’d suggest the car but have you been in the backseat of your Camry as an adult?

#7 Oral sex!

Blowjobs and cunnilingus. OK, some people may argue that oral sex is still sex and therefore not part of foreplay. But for this article I’m drawing the line in the sand: oral is allowed. Lots of oral. You can do this all day. You can do this while you are role playing or tied up or whatever. Not only is this incredibly pleasurable but it is a fabulous way to get and stay primed for when you move on to the next level.

You remember that part, don’t you?

Lynn Olejniczak is a native Chicagoan who loves her city and everything it has to offer. She spent 10 years as a NASDAQ trader in Chicago and New York in the 90's, then went back to college when "the rules changed and I realized no one was going to pay me lots of money to swear at them anymore."

She loves good food, and a perfectly poured Guinness at any Irish pub in the city. Her Beastie Boys CDs rest comfortably next to her Misfits vinyl, and she believes Underground Garage is the best radio program known to humankind. Armed with degrees in History, and a love of Urban Planning, Lynn is currently writing and researching a book on the 80's Chicago bar scene. Get in touch with Lynn at
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