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5 Must Try Holiday-Inspired Sex Experiences

It's the holidays. And what better time for some seasonally-inspired role play? Yes! For some reason Christmas seems like one the sexier holidays. Something about it, right? It just offers so much potential. We thought of some ideas. Then we asked our naughty wife correspondent, Marian Sanchez, to elaborate. And with a happy hand, Marian obliged! Curious on some ideas to spice up the holiday season with some kink ideas? What better time than Freaky Friday? Marian offers up 5 steamy ideas for a lusty Christmas.

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'Tis the season to break out of the familiar routine and add some holiday festivities to your sex life. This article is for those curious in pushing their sexual boundaries with their spouse or significant other. The most important thing in getting what you want (for the holidays) or any other time is making time to sit and talk with your loved one. Understanding comfort levels is paramount when it comes to more adventurous sex. Now with all that said, here are five of my Christmas sex experiences you should try.

#1 Wrap Him Up in a Big Red Bow

This holiday season take (or make) present wrapping to a whole new level with some white-hot bondage. Things don't have to get complicated in order for you both to enjoy the new experience. Using everyday wardrobe items (scarves, neck ties and so forth) or pleasure cuffs. (Rope for the real bondage experience, satin ribbon for a romantic take on being held captive by your lover.)

Bondage is simply the art and craft of using restraints against the one being submissive. The dominating partner takes charge in all the sexual situations. So for those of you interested in a role change in the bedroom, holding your hubby captive is a great way to start any evening's escapades. Unsure where or how to begin? Just imagine surprising your hubby after he got home from a long day, finding you dressed in beautiful lingerie.

Once he catches sight of you disappearing from his line of sight with that look in your eye, he will follow you where ever you go. Sit him down in a chair, tie his hands behind his back, and his ankles to the legs of the chair. Or you can make him lay in the bed and cuff his arms to the headboard. Now he is all bound up and at your mercy. This is your time to tease, taunt, and make him yours all night long.

#2 The More the Merrier

Lets say you two are an open-minded adventurous couple that always plays well with others. Why not invite another person to your XXXmas party? Maybe your wife wants to experience being with another woman? Or maybe the boyfriend wants a second couple in the bedroom to play girlfriend swap? Want to give a super sexy gift? Give the gift of you and your sexy playmate, in little red bow panties to your boyfriend or husband this year! Not only will you feel like you are on the set of your very own porn, but fantasies will be made real! This is one experience the two of you will never forget.

#3 Run Away to a Winter Wonderland

For some people the holidays run you down and you get a little stifled in the usual holiday routine – visiting family, seeing friends, buying gifts and so forth. Well, why not get away this year! (It's not too late) If you both feel a little rusty, a long romantic weekend will do wonders for you both. You could run away to a nice hotel or cabin in a snowy destination.

The main focus here is spending time with your loved ones and understanding the need for a change of scenery. While you are away from home, this would be the time to let go of inhibitions and reconnecting as a couple. Give a sexy gift and incorporate a new toy, or take your sexual act outside into a hot tub and don't be timid with your voice.

#4 Holiday Hanky-Panky

Did you get invited to a holiday party? Is the after dinner conversation in the living room getting humdrum while your drink gets warm? Do you feel the impulse of trying something a little risque? Excuse yourself and take your partner away for a rendezvous in the guest bathroom. Yes you read that right. Go make that holiday cheer!

The truth is, great sex comes from spontaneity and when it comes to the holidays, they are notorious for zapping your energy. I know your thinking, "I might be too tired" or "What if I get caught?" Having sex when you least anticipate it often the most exciting. Also, there is risk in everything you do, but the outcome is worth it, especially if you need to reconnect with your partner.

#5 I caught Santa Sleighing Mrs. Claus 

Santa knows you've been a good boy/girl this year and he's got the tape to prove it. I know plenty of couples who were hesitant about making a sex tape but there is an upside to doing something so taboo. It's a very sensual experience! Sex is and always will be an amazing expression and the way I see it, filming yourselves together is like taking a picture of an extraordinary scene during your everyday life. You are going to have those moments forever.

Want to give your sex tape a holiday infusion? Dress up in a red negligee and give your partner a Santa hat and robe. Then, using euphemisms to describe him and his cock, begin to "unwrap" the best present of all. Get ready Mrs. Claus, Santa's about ready to come down your chimney tonight.

This holiday season, sex is the gift that keeps on giving. If you have other XXXmas inspired ideas, please share them in the comments below.

This article was fashioned by GetLusty writer Marian Sanchez. Marian has many passions, writing being the oldest for her. When she isn't working on articles for GetLusty, she's with her amazing family and her five-cat herd. She enjoys all kinds of movies and TV, spending time with wonderful friends, going to Chicago metal shows and finding humor in everyday life. She has a horrible habit of wanting to learn all kinds of new things and going to different places. When it comes to sex, Marian has a raunchy good mouth and an open mind (which pleases her husband immensely).
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