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10 Ways To Feel Sexier Naked

Being naked is all about freedom. Personally, I find clothes too restrictive and truly bothersome. No I am not a nudist, but I do feel my best naked. Ever since doing yoga regularly and eating more whole foods, I feel more confident, strong and beautiful. I want everyone to strip this Naked November and celebrate their bodies for what they are: beautiful! We need to stop judging ourselves so harshly and stop seeing the most minute "problems" with our bodies. Nobody is perfect. But it is true we are all beautiful and we should start seeing and feeling that! Here are 10 ways to feel sexier naked in honor of the revolutionary Naked November. Lora Swarts reports.

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#1 Take your vitamins! 

Eating foods rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C, which are antioxidants, helps prevent premature wrinkling. Beta carotene is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, and apricots. Vitamin C is found in oranges, broccoli, red peppers and strawberries.

#2 Yoga

Yoga is not just a trendy exercise fad. Yoga can actually help improve your mood, increase confidence and strength. Whether taking a class or doing yoga solo, you will naturally let loose of all insecurities because you become only focused on your breath and postures. Soon enough you will want to always walk around your home naked after doing those yoga pushups and downward dogs. Need some inspiration for some doing yoga at home? Check out our articles on yoga for better sex!

#3 Stop cracking jokes about your body

Women are especially bad at this one. We need to stop making fun of our physical appearance because soon those will get stuck in our mind as truth. Stop yourself before you make that next jab at yourself. Remember that we are our own biggest critics and worst enemies. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones every time a negative one comes to mind. Rather than make fun of your small chest or lackluster abdominal muscles, compliment yourself on your lovely eyes or compassionate smile.

#4 Spend time being naked 

The more time you spend naked, the more comfortable it feels. When you spend time in the buff your confidence soars and you will feel less inhibited sexually too! Get started today! Your homework is to watch TV naked, eat naked, do chores in the nude. But, if you are cooking naked, please watch out for hot oil!

#5 Start ogling yourself

Spend some time seeing yourself the way others do. Make a photo album filled with pictures of you that you find sexy, attractive, and confident. Or make a vision board that includes photos of you and phrases like "I am beautiful" pinned to the board. When your mind is focusing only on the negative, going through photos of yourself can really stop these negative feelings. Seeing yourself the way others do will help you feel sexy and more confident! Since it's Naked November, make sure to check out our other articles on being naked.

#6 Stop comparing yourself

Everyone is different and that is a great thing! Who wants to look at the same body shape all the time. Stop comparing your body to others because guess what, no one is perfect. Stop seeing everyone's strengths and start seeing your own!

#7 Work on body language 

Strut when you walk down the street. Hold your head high, uncross those arms, and stand tall. Improving your body language will do wonders for you because people respond positively to confident people. You will immediately want to rip your clothes off once you get home from work because that is how sexy you will feel!

#8 Exfoliate

Spend time with your skin. Take a long, intimate bath rather than a rushed shower. Spend time exfoliating your ankles, knees and elbows. When you don't have time to give your skin that spa treatment, simply moisturize with a sunscreen lotion. Taking care of your skin is just as important as working out and eating healthy- combine all three and you will always want to be naked!

#9 Explore yourself

Get to know your body right now. Drop the "if only's..." and "what if's..." because they don't get us anywhere! Confidence comes from loving yourself in the present. Homework: Get naked and check your body out in the mirror. From your toes to your scalp, explore yourself! If so inclined, begin touching yourself too. Massage your feet, touch your genitals, massage your hair. When you really get to know yourself, you will feel nothing but sexy when naked.

#10 Orgasm!

Orgasming is very sexy! Whether you are giving yourself some love or getting intimate with your partner, having an orgasm releases endorphins. Endorphins make us feel good and give us that sexy glow.

Lora is our Editorial intern and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring Chicago via bicycle, or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend and Beagle puppy in their north side apartment. She has a habit of spending too much money on soy lattes and yoga clothes. Find her on Twitter @HoneyNutLo. Have any questions? Email her at!
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