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10 Female Erogenous Zones You Should Know

Do you want to know where you can touch a woman to make her go absolutely nuts? We have gone over men's 10 surprising erogenous zones, but now it's time to dive into what makes women get those goosebumps and butterflies. Do you want to know where to touch your partner to turn her on? Here are the top 10 female erogenous zones! Whether you're using these as part of foreplay or just passing by during 'everyday life' these touches will most definitely inspire turn on's. GetLusty's Lora Swarts reports.

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Erogenous zones are those places on the human body that are hyper sensitive and when stimulated may result in mild to intense sexual arousal. For females the obvious erogenous zones are the vulva and clitoris. But what about on the places of her body that aren't related to her genitals? Women can get aroused through lots of body parts, not just the ones below the belt. Here are 10 zones you may have overlooked that need some extra caressing tonight! When stimulating erogenous zones during foreplay, your arousal levels spike leading to amazing orgasms. Want to add even more spice? Blindfold her so she can't see where you're touching, massaging, and pleasuring.

#10 Back of knees

Whoever gets the back of their knees touched? Unexpected and surprising touches to forgotten areas of the body can really rev up her arousal levels. Lightly kiss the back of her knees or gently lick them. There are surprisingly a lot of nerve endings back there so be gentle and let her revel in the erotic sensations.

#9 Abs/stomach  

When it comes to our stomachs, women can have many insecurities. So when targeting this area of her body, make sure you avoid grabbing, pinching, slapping. Wrap your arms around her from behind, so you have full access to this zone.

Caress her ribcage, hip bones, top of pelvic bone and then back up stopping right below the breasts (they come next). Be sure to not go lower than the top of her public bone though, you want the foreplay to keep going! When you are having intercourse, lightly press the heel of your hand into the area underneath her bellybutton. This will externally target the g-spot as you are inside of her.

#8 Breasts 

The breast are hyper sensitive that breast orgasms are even possible! Lightly tracing around her breasts with your fingertips will send blood pumping through her veins. Gently suck and lick the nipples or lightly grab the breasts. If she likes it rougher with her breasts, ask her how she likes it and go for it. When the nipples are stimulated, the same region of your brain that reacts to clitoral stimulation, gets activated! Whether or not you orgasm from breast stimulation, you will still feel super aroused.

#7 Inner thighs

The inner thighs are super sensitive considering they are very close to another area of the body that gets aroused: the clitoris. There is this psychological tease of where your tongue or fingers might go next that will just drive her wild! Lightly stroke, lick, or kiss her inner thighs, but don't go to her genitals just yet. You want this tease to lengthen her arousal. Bring a vibrator into the mix to give a whole new sensation to the area.

#6 Ears

Want to send chills down her spine? Soft whispers in her ears, a little nibble of her ear lobe and sucking action will truly melt her body. When whispering in her ear, say something erotic. Tell her what you want to do to her or show her what you will do with your tongue. Lick her ear lobe as if you were licking her clitoris so she can get a sample of your soft, pleasurable tongue.

#5 Neck

Lightly blowing on the nape of her neck will give her crazy goosebumps. Sensually massage her neck, and shoulders. Pull her hair back and kiss or nibble the back of her neck. You can even gently pull her hair as you sensually play with her neck to let her know you want her badly.

#4 Scalp

There is nothing sexier than a scalp massage. Scratching her hair, massaging her scalp using your fingertips, and playing with her hair will send her in a frenzy. Using your nails, without scratching hard, feel great on the scalp. Try taking a bath together and washing her hair for something new!

#3 Lower back/Butt

Mildly squeezing or spanking her butt is wild fun. But how about rubbing and massaging the curve above her back? The sacral crease, where the lower back ends and butt begins is a very erogenous zone. Then move lower onto her buttocks for more play! Once you establish a lot of trust, you can go further and lick, suck, or penetrate her buttocks using your fingers, penis or toy. Start slow and ask her what she wants and what feels good to her.

#2 Feet

The feet have thousands of nerve endings in them. Nibbling or sucking on her toes, rubbing the arches of her feet, heels, and ankles, not only feels great but can also send shivers up her legs! The ticklish sensation can be pleasant for some leading to sensitivity and arousal as well. Assuming the feet have been properly cleansed, women love the idea of their men giving attention to their tired, over-worked feet and many men find they don't mind sucking on a toe from time to time. Try it out! Maybe you will find a new fetish or foreplay move out of it?

#1 Lips

Oh yes, you can orgasm from your lips and mouth! Kissing, licking, nibbling, and sucking can all contribute to a powerful feeling that spreads from her lips to her genitals. Play with her top and bottom lip, passionately kiss her up against a wall or in bed. Whatever you do, whether its a soft and romantic kiss or a steamy, hot, and passionate make out session, your lady will be oozing all over wanting more.


Her mind. Don't forget about the most important erogenous zone; her brain. Compliments, surprise gifts and long conversations that bring you closer together. The brain; it's the ultimate erogenous zone.

Lora is a GetLusty staff writer and resident health nut. When she is not writing, you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring Chicago via bicycle, or hanging out with her wonderful boyfriend in their north side apartment. She has a habit of spending too much money on soy lattes and yoga clothes. Find her on Twitter @HoneyNutLo. Have any questions? Email her at!
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