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10 Artfully & Amusingly Naked Men From Tumblr (NSFW)

So many times, we see erotic messaging of how beautiful women are. We've definitely been guilty of this across our social media streams. We try so hard to include men but they're just not as gorgeous. Well that's just not true. So while we're in the middle of fixing bugs and switching over to our new website, we thought giving some artfully naked men should be our next Tumblr feature.

Plus, we love Tumblr. We're tumbling more lately on GetLusty's Tumblr page. Our favorite pictures of the day. After reviewing our Tumblr feed, we saw some pretty lovely pictures. Erotic, hot and sexy. So we thought in true GetLusty for Couples fashion--we'd share!

Speaking of social media, have you 'Liked' GetLusty on Facebook yet? We're also on Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as Twitter @getlusty. What?! You're on those platforms and aren't in tune with our awesome content? Have amazing sex. Get lusty.

Naked, natural beauty.

Becoming clean. 

The nude and the train. This is comedic and dangerous at the same time.

Spot of tea, anyone?

The curves on this man are absolutely fabulous. That's all we have to say about it. He does it so well!

Did you see his snake? And he's naked. Ballsey.

A naked man. In central London. Awesome!


Oh, no! That looks like a problem. Or maybe it's just Banksy.

Fishnet stockings. They're not just for ladies anymore.

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