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Interview! Courtney Trouble Talks Queer Porn, Fat Positivity & Turn Ons

Courtney Trouble. Over the past decade, Courtney has made a name for herself making porn that crosses gender boundaries. We caught up with Courtney recently and asked her some questions around her motivations for being so inspiring and sexy at the same time. Here's what this queer porn icon had to say...

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How did you get here (famous porn director/producer/star)?

I started making porn as a personal art project ten years ago. I wanted to explore the authenticity of my own queer desire because as a sex worker, i was doing a lot of exploring everybody else's desires. I took a lot of self portraits, and portraits of my queer friends in Olympia, WA. We called the project NoFauxxx - Subversive Smut made by Ladies, Artists and Queers. This motto has remained intact throughout my work, as I explore feminist ideals, artistic techniques and queer community through my porn.

Would you call yourself a feminist porn star? Why or why not? 

I would call myself a feminist who makes porn. Sometimes, I make porn that speaks directly to feminist sex-postivity, but sometimes it's just porn that happens to be made by a feminist. Sometimes feminism is just a small part of my interest in anti-opressional theories through art. Things like fatphobia and transphobia are feminist issues, and am in general just tired of people trying to suppress women by controlling their bodies, or manipulating or forcing them to control their own bodies, or make our bodies more important that everything else about us.

By eroticizing and normalizing oppressed or "minority" bodies not only adds to a diverse representation of feminist inclusion but also normalizes all bodies and suggesting to the audience. Maybe it's not about our bodies at all? Maybe it's about our desires, or fantasies and our orgasms. In my opinion, that's how porn elevates itself into a feminist medium of art; by erasing body shame, racism and gender policing when making erotic imagery. By making authentic representation part of our fantasies.

What's your favorite part of your job? What's the worst part? 

My favorite part of the job are the rare moments where I get to perform and film in the same day. The act of putting down the camera and getting in front of it's really a wonderful feeling. Using every part of my body and brain to make something. The worst part of my job is the technical support I seem to always be doing for customers of my various pay sites and stores. I wish that we could find a way to make every computer and internet device handle files the same way. It's getting out of control!

You're a 'chubby', 'BBW' or 'fat' porn star/director/producer. With the average American woman at size 12+, many would never have the courage to do porn because of their stretch marks or curves. How have you embraced your curves? What are your tips for feeling amazing in your beautiful skin? 

I don't know how to convince other people to love their bodies more, but for me, it basically boiled down to being honest with myself, confronting what i thought as my "flaws" and paying special attention to intentionally loving them. Also, taking care of myself the best way I see fit, and reading as much fat acceptance literature that I could. Pouring myself into fat-positive communities, and being intentional in my choices of reading, television, film. I stay away from as much fat-shaming as I can avoid knowingly, and make sure that I am balancing mainstream media with alternative sources of entertainment that are fat positive and feminist.

A good place to start? My friend Virgie Tover's new book "Hot and Heavy" geared toward fat queer femmes, or checking out the #fat positive tags on Tumblr. I personally found salvation through fat positive friends, a few of which are still doing awesome things around queer, feminist, fat activism. Nomy Lamm, Jenna Riot, Kentuky Fried Woman, Vagina Jenkins, Devon Devine, April Flores, Beth Ditto -- just to name a few underground artists and friends that I admire for their fat-friendly work.

What's your favorite sexual technique you've learned recently?

Oh, my! Learning how to prop myself up on pillows on either side of my partner's hips so that I (as a short chubby person with chronic pain) can ride on top - and how to use pillows and furniture to improve my sexual mobility in general, is my newest hot sex trick. Fluffy, foldable props that lift your body up high, cushion the blows, and make sex a little more interesting.

Due to my body type, reading position books are pointless. Overall, it seems a lot of sex how-to books can be a little silly. Instead, for me, watching porn and getting inspiration from my partner and getting inspiration from props surrounding us at the moment is the most fun. I have really been enjoying getting blowjobs while wearing a Feeldoe - an ergonomically designed double dildo that offers G-spot stimulation while being a strap on (minus the harness). Getting my dick sucked that way is super hot!

What's your biggest turn on?

There are several things that are big turn on's for me. First, acting out boyish fantasies with an older man. Along those lines, age play that reflects my gender fluidity. Also, talking about cum or other fluids and dirty talk are also very hot.

More about Courtney

Courtney Trouble is a film-maker, adult performer, photographer, queer rights activist, DIY genius, and an award-winning feminist pornographer. Courtney is the founder of TROUBLEfilms,, and QueerPorn.TV, as well of the director of 14 full-length films, including the Reel Queer Production line through Good Releasing and 3 films through thier own line at. For current releases, please see

Queer Porn Icon Courtney Trouble has been producing, directing, and performing in Queer Porn since 2002, and is responsible for coining the term “Queer Porn” as a genre in the mainstream industry. Nominated for 7 AVN Awards, and winner of 5 Feminist Porn Awards, Courtney Trouble’s films speak to an extremely fluid, authentic, and hardcore version of graphic sexual imagery.

Courtney Trouble’s films, like Fuckstyles, Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out!, Billy Castro Does The Mission, and the Roulette series, have become the new standard in queer porn.  They feature performers that run the gamut of fame, gender, and sexual orientation, such as Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, Dylan Ryan, Lorelei Lee, Syd Blakovich and Madison Young.

She has successfully mixed her lo-fi “do-it-yourself” indie-art aesthetic with an accessible, understandable, yet female-forward porn formula that the average porn consumer (whoever that is!) as well as the subversive, political, and inquisitive crowd can enjoy.

She started as a 19 year old photographer and web designer, with the purpose of creating an indie porn site that was authentic, empowering, and all-inclusive. She wanted it to break stereotypes in the adult industry, and act as a tool for ladies, queers, and artists, to explore the erotic and sexual side of creativity. She soon found herself as one of the founders of the queer porn movement, setting the stage for all that was to come.

Follow Courtney Trouble across her social media streams on Twitter @courtneytrouble and Facebook.
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